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Title: Lock and Key
Author: Sarah Dessen
Narrator: Rebecca Soler
Series: n/a
Publisher: Penguin Audio
Publication Date: January 9th, 2009
Source: purchased audio
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Ruby, where is your mother?

Ruby knows that the game is up. For the past few months, she's been on her own in the yellow house, managing somehow, knowing that her mother will probably never return.

That's how she comes to live with Cora, the sister she hasn't seen in ten years, and Cora's husband Jamie, whose down-to-earth demeanor makes it hard for Ruby to believe he founded the most popular networking Web site around. A luxurious house, fancy private school, a new wardrobe, the promise of college and a future; it's a dream come true. So why is Ruby such a reluctant Cinderella, wary and defensive? And why is Nate, the genial boy next door with some secrets of his own, unable to accept the help that Ruby is just learning to give?

Best-selling author Sarah Dessen explores the heart of a gutsy, complex girl dealing with unforeseen circumstances and learning to trust again.

Oh my gosh, Lock and Key was good. *End Review*

If only it was that easy right? I’d be caught up and scheduled ahead for months, but I guess I’ll tell you a little about it. Just Listen was the first Dessen book I’ve listened to in Audio, and I loved it, so I had to stick with the theme and listen to another. I decided to go with Lock and Key, and I’m so glad I did.

Books like these, kids coming from bad homes, they grab at me. I think its because things weren’t perfect for me growing up. I like to read stories about kids getting a second chance, being pulled from these situations and living a better life.

Ruby has pretty much been abandoned by her piece of shit mother. But she’s 17 and quickly approaching adulthood so she does her best to survive on her own. She's failing fast, and fortunately the landlords figure it all out.

This brings us to Cora, Ruby’s older sister who steps in to take custody. They haven’t seen each other for 10 years. There is so much between these two, and the tears were flowing, let me tell you. Not necessarily sad tears, a lot of them were happy, but their relationship was complicated, and listening to them sort through it all was just.. *sigh* So many feelings.

Cora does well for herself, so Ruby is thrust into a life of luxury you could say. At least when compared to what Ruby is used too. She now has a nice room, goes to a nice school, lives in a beautiful house and has options for a future she never pictured having. It’s an adjustment for sure.

Ahh, then there is Nate, the boy next door. I loved him and I liked the relationship that grows between the two. He has his own issues to deal with, but their growing romance was sweet. It was no where near the main focus though and much of Lock and Key is about the family. I loved that. I was so wrapped up in Ruby and Cora's relationship that I cared about little else.

It’s just such a great book and the Audio was good to. It took me a bit to get used to the narrators voice, but once I did, I was sucked right in!

About the author:

Sarah Dessen grew up in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and attended UNC-Chapel Hill, graduating with highest honors in Creative Writing. She is the author of several novels, including Someone Like You, Just Listen and Along for the Ride. A motion picture based on her first two books, entitled How to Deal, was released in 2003. Her eleventh novel, The Moon and More, will be published in June 2013. She lives in North Carolina.

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  1. This was probably one of my favorite Sarah Dessen book that I've read. I binged read like 5 of her books one summer and I've never regretted my decision. Her books are so much about the family life and I love that. Of course, the cute romances also help.
    I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed this one, April. The siblings relationship was probably my favorite part of this book too! Like you said, there were too many feels.
    Fabulous review, April. :)

    1. Thank you! LoL at binge reading them. I wish I had the time for that. I did go through a few. I'll do a second binge of of these days. :0)

  2. I listened to the audio of this book, too, and found the reader a bit too whiney for my tastes. Sarah Dessen has quite a following in my library.

    1. I can see where you would think she was whiny. She didn't really bother me much, but maybe that's because I haven't listened to as many Audiobooks yet. I didn't like the narrator as much as some others I've listened too though..

  3. Ooohh. Sarah Dessen on audio. She always gets me with her emotional characters. Though, honestly, I always want more romance. Nate still breaks my heart to think about. But I'm glad he's in a happier place. That key necklace!! And so happy Ruby found her sister. These books always make me think of summer.

    1. They really are perfect summer books, and yeah, I always hope for a little more romance too, but I adore the family connections and they more than make up for the loss. :)

  4. Whoa, whoa! Rebecca Soler doe sthe audio for these? I love her! (did you see she's narrating Fairest? It's on audible to add to your wishlist)
    I haven't read a book by this author yet because there are so many that I don't know where to start. BUt you just narrowed it down for me big time.

    1. haha! I didn't know she is narrating Fairest. Not sure if I'll be listening or buying the kindle version of that. I buddy read the first 3 with my friend Jess, so I'll probably continue. :0

      Oh my gosh, You haven't read a Dessen book yet!? Oh my gosh, you must. :)

  5. Just Listen and Lock and Key are my 2 favorite Sarah Dessen books!!! So now you've read the pinnacle of her stuff!! I loved Ruby and her whole story... secretly living by herself and then having to live with her sister. Such a good book!

  6. I really liked Lock and Key, but since I haven't listened to Just Listen yet, and I've read newer Sarah Dessen books, I can't say it ranks high as a favorite. And I love Rebecca Soler as a narrator. She's the reason why I can't read the Lunar Chronicles books...I HAVE to listen to them because she does all the voices so well.


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