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The Weekend Update - 6.14.14

Saturday, June 14, 2014 with 23 comments
So, since my end-of-the-week post isn't just about what I got in my mailbox or on my Kindle each week -- though that is a big part of it, I won't lie -- I decided to change up the title and intro a bit.  I might tweak the format a bit over the next few weeks, but for the most part, it'll contain the same stuff: stuff I got, stuff I did, and stuff that's coming up on the blog.  Plus, I get to use the awesome GIF you see here and blow kisses to all the people who sent me lovely books and bookish things.  Oh, and I've started linking up to Stacking the Shelves hosted by Tynga's Reviews since I'm not using a specific meme title anymore.  April's also doing her own Stacking the Shelves posts on Sundays.  Stop by and say hi!  =)

I've been trying to keep myself distracted with reading and the blog -- what's new, right? -- this week because my paternal grandfather, and my last living grandparent, passed away on Monday night and I didn't want to dwell on the fact that I hadn't seen him in a couple of years and would be unable to attend the funeral since it's out of state. I am going to see my dad this weekend, not just for Father's Day but also to check in on him and make sure he's handling the loss of his own father okay. Grandad was an amazing man, and we'll all miss him very much.

On to happier things. The garden is doing really well, and we're pretty thankful for the rain we've gotten lately because here in Texas, we can't normally count on much rain this time of year. And even with all the rain, we're still in a drought that never seems to end. :( Anyway, we should have our first "harvest" soon enough, but here are some pictures of what the garden looks like this week:

 First tomatoes of the season. Jerrod wants to pick them now before the birds and/or worms get to them. He says we should at least get the first ones. o_O

Jalapenos and itty bitty green beans. Can't wait till those green beans are big enough to eat! Fresh green beans are the absolute BEST!!!

Anyway, here's what I scored this week:

For Review:

Killer Instinct (The Naturals, #2)Mortal Heart (His Fair Assassin, #3)

Killer Instinct by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Mortal Heart by Robin LaFevers

The awesomely amazing Christina let me borrow her BEA-procured copies of Sway and I'll Give You the Sun and I can't wait to start them! Thank you again, C, for being soooooooo generous and lovely! :D

Library, Freebies & Deals:

All Our Yesterdays (All Our Yesterdays #1)Life by CommitteeCode Name Verity (Code Name Verity, #1)

All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill - downloaded audio via SYNC, already listened and loved as much as -- if not more than -- the first time I read it  =)
Life by Committee by Corey Ann Haydu - borrowed audiobook from the library
Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein - downloaded audio via SYNC

So, that's my haul. How about you? What did you get this week?

The Week in Review:

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Jen's Currently Reading/Listening To:

Life by CommitteeMortal Danger (Immortal Game, #1)I've got two awesome Ann Aguirre ARCs in my possession currently, so I figured I should be reading at least one of them already. :) I love the Faustian aspect of this novel, and I already like Edie's character, so I'd say this one is going well.

Since I never made it to my galley and recent reviews have intrigued me, I'm listening to the audiobook I borrowed from my library. Plus, for some reason, I prefer to listen to contemporary novels on audio. *shrugs*

Upcoming Reviews:

Between the Spark and the Burn (Between, #2)The Kiss of Deception (The Remnant Chronicles #1)Ruin and Rising (The Grisha, #3)

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  1. Ooh, you're amazing at growing a tomato 0-0
    I tried to grow one earlier this year for a school project, but it didn't get past 10 cm tall -_-
    And yay, glad to hear that you enjoyed Mortal Danger so far! Can't wait to see what you think about it :D

    Neysa @ Papier Revue

    1. The growing it part is easier for me than the keeping it alive, especially once summer officially arrives. :) I'm not very far into Mortal Danger, but I definitely like what I've read so far. But I'm a huge Ann Aguirre fan, so that's not all that surprising. ;0)

  2. Tomato growing sounds like fun. I can't keep anything alive it seems. Christina is very nice to let you borrow her BEA books. That's a good friend.

    Books of Love

    1. I don't exactly have a green thumb, but so far so good. :) Christina is the BEST. I'm so lucky to have a friend like her in the blogging world. I hope one day to meet her in real life for a hug attack to fully express my thanks. :D

  3. Aw, I'm sorry for your loss. :|

    Your veggie garden looks terrific! I hope you enjoy Code Name Verity...although, um, it's totally slow at the beginning but the end? Insta-cry-fest. Be warned. Mortal Danger looks terrific! :)
    My StS!

    1. Thanks, Cait. Means a lot. :)

      I'm so excited for the first harvest. I want some veggies!! :D I'm wary of Code Name Verity, especially the slowness and the sads, but I know so many who've loved it.

  4. :( I wish I could be there to distract you from the sads.

    And I thought you said your garden was small! lol Ha! I think it might be bigger than mine! But it looks like you are able to spread things out where as we can't. Everything has to be compacted inside the fences.

    And I agree with Jerrod. I actually have a great recipe for grilled green tomatoes we tried last year. I'll have to send it to you. I cannot wait to eat them again.

    So awesome that you get to read I'll give you the Sun soon! I know how much you've been dying to get your hands on that one. <3

    Hope your'e having a nice weekend. :)

    1. You may not be here but you've already been a big help. :)

      It IS small. We'd go much bigger if we had more room. I can't wait till we move...we were looking at a place that had 3 acres....imagine the size of my garden THEN! :D Fried green tomatoes are a thing here in the south. I've never tried them, though. I like 'em juicy and red.

      I know...I've been checking NG daily to see if I'd been approved yet, so when C offered me her copy -- before SHE's even read it! -- I squealed with delight. And then I did it again when it arrived a couple of days later. She is amazing!

      My sister's in town visiting and we're all about to meet up at my parents' house to hang out with Dad. She saw them yesterday and said he's doing okay, that it wasn't a surprise to him like it was to the rest of us. :-/ ANYWAY, hope you're having a good weekend, too! And that Aubrey's feeling better today!

  5. I love Code Name Verity, it's amazing. Hope the audio book is good.

    1. I hope so, too! I've heard it is but that it's also tear-inducing. We'll see!

  6. I so need to start Sway! Enjoy

    Come and check out OUT's STS

    And dont forget to enter the giveaways!

    Leydy from OUAT & RCE

    1. I am SO excited to start that one, especially up on hearing that it's not what you're expecting!

  7. Wonderful haul, Jen! I totally missed out on I'll Give You the Sun in BEA. It was one of my most coveted titles. Sigh.

    Happy reading, Jen!

    1. Yeah, it's one of my most coveted titles this year, period, and you'd better believe that I've already pre-ordered it. I'm also lucky to have awesome bloggy friends who let me borrow their copies prior to release! :D

  8. I am very sorry for your loss.

    Lovely garden.

    I hope you get a chance to read Mortal Heart soon, it's so wonderful and the perfect conclusion to the series.

    Good reminder about Sync, I'll have to download Code Name Verity ASAP.

    1. Thanks, April. Missing him a lot this week, especially as I see family posting memories on Facebook.

      I'm so glad to hear Mortal Heart is so great...I need to hurry up and read it! :)

  9. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your grandpa. My grandma passed away a little over a year ago and she was my last grandparent, so I know what that is like. I also couldn't make it to the out-of-state funeral which made me so sad. Again, I'm sorry that you are going through that. I hope your father is doing ok.

    On a positive note, your garden is looking awesome. I've always wanted a garden, but I've never wanted to be a gardener...

    Great haul this week! I'm really excited to read Killer Instinct, but I've already heard grumblings about the love triangle which is a bummer. I've not read the "Mortal" series, but I've heard awesome things about it. I hope you are having a great week!

    1. We're doing okay. It sucks getting older because this happens more and more and you have less time to check in on loved ones. I just wish we'd had one more get-together with him before his passing. Sorry to hear of your loss, too, especially considering how similar the circumstances were.

      Ha, thanks. I'm not really the gardener. I like to get the garden ready, plant it, and then eat from it, but I hate the upkeep, especially pulling weeds. Maybe because I was forced to do it in my parents' garden when I was a kid, lol.

      Uh oh...I don't really worry about the love triangles so much and I'm hoping it doesn't bother me in this series with the mystery and everything. Oh, you have to read Grave Mercy and the rest of the series if you love historical fiction at all...or kickass heroines. It's so good!

      Hope you're having a great week, too! :D

  10. Ugh! I just typed a whole comment and then got a service unavailable...So sorry if you get two messages from me, but I really want to say: Sorry for the loss of your grandpa. I lost my last surviving grandparent a little over a year ago. I also couldn't go to the out-of-town service which made me so sad. I hope your dad is doing ok.

    Your garden looks beautiful. I've always wished for a garden, but not to be a gardener...

    I can't wait to read Killer Instinct, but have already heard grumblings about the love triangle. I haven't read the "Mortal" series yet, but have heard it's awesome. Great haul! I hope you are having a lovely week!

    1. Hmmm...guess it didn't get lost in the abyss after all. :)

  11. Mortal Heart is really popular right now and looks really good. All our yesterdays is one I have been wanting to read. Hope you enjoy all these! Happy Reading!
    Here are my newest additions.


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