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Stacking The Shelves # 20

Sunday, June 15, 2014 with 9 comments
Stacking The Shelves is hosted by Tynga's Reviews and is a way to share with everyone all the goodies you've received through out the week. 

Just click the covers to be taken to their goodreads pages. 


In The After

I grabbed this one up because it's currently $1.99 for kindle. Not sure how long that will last. I've heard good things about this book so I couldn't pass it up.

For Review 

One past MidnightJust Like The MoviesThe Walled City
The Vault of DreamersNo Place To FallTop Ten Clues you're Clueless

(Thank you Bloomsbury, Little Brown Books, Macmillan, & HarperCollins )

I adore the cover of One Past Midnight. There is just something about chicks with crazy hair. lol. Just like the Movies looks like it will be cute, though it might be corny. My only concern is I wont get some of the movie references, because I'm not a big movie girl. The Walled City, I saw posted all over in BEA photos so I grabbed it. I'm a little nervous it wont be for me, but I've felt that way about a couple books this past year and they've been faves. I haven't read the Birthmarked series by Caragh M. O'Brien, but I think this book sounds pretty darn good. Cannot wait for No Place to Fall and Top Ten Clues You're Clueless. :) Have you read any of these?


Code Name VerityGive Me SomethingI've Fallen and there's a tentacle in my butt

I'll be honest, I'm not sure I will like Code Name Verity. I tried to read the companion Rose Under Fire, because I got the galley. But I could not get into it, and maybe that's because I hadn't read Code Name Verity yet, who knows. But the Audio was free via SYNC, so I downloaded it. Maybe it will be easier for me to follow via audio. Give me Something, a friend of mine read and liked it so I snatched it up. Now, the Edward Naughty book.. don't judge people!! lol. I love a good laugh, and that book looks like it's full of win, and I didn't pay a dime for it. Sadly I doubt Jen will allow me to review it here on the blog, but I'll be sure to voice my opinions on goodreads.

In other news this week, we have harvests!!!

With a little help from Aubrey's Fairies, we harvested our Broccoli. Unfortunately they were full of cabbage worms, so we ended up tossing them in the woods. We are not using pesticides, trying to be as natural as possible. Those little bastards are damn near impossible to deal with. So sad. :( R.I.P. Broccoli

Have no fear though, our lettuce and spinach is doing great. We picked some, cleaned it up and made delicious salads to go with dinner the other night.

Hope you all had a wonderful week!


  1. Great haul, April. I downloaded Verity as well, and have started listening. But I didn't really get too far.

    Happy reading!

  2. You know I just realized that The Walled City cover was a picture of a face looking down, neat! I did raise my eyebrow at the tentacle book lol. I loved Code Name Verity so I was excited to pick up the Audiobook. Great haul this week.

    Weekly Wrap Up

  3. Nice haul! Lol at the Tentacle book, can't wait for the review on that!

  4. I am very interested in your thoughts on that Tentacle book. I seriously LOLed when I saw your post about it on FB. I'm sure it'll be good for a laugh, at any rate. :) I've seen The Walled City everywhere, too, but I just really don't think it's for me. I'm really kind of tired of books with that type of premise, but maybe it'll be so good that you'll convince me to read it. :) I also considered Just Like the Movies, but I'm sure it's pretty corny, too, and I have so many books on my TBR already.

    Love the progress with the garden, though I'm sorry about the cabbage worms. That really sucks. But I'm glad to see your lettuce and spinach are doing well. We didn't plant any leafy greens like that 'cause my dad always does some and has plenty to share. :)

  5. I agree about the cover from One past midnight. It has something interesting about it :D I also like the cover from No place to fall, looks so cute! I'm curious about The walled city & The vault of our dreamers. Enjoy!

  6. Stupid bugs.

    I am so excited for The Walled City and Just Like The Movies!


  7. I love reading reviews for those dirty books. Do you follow Karen on Goodreads (don't know her full name but she's like the #2 most followed reviewers on GR). Anyway, she follows books like this all the time and the reviews are hilarious!
    Enjoy your books and your vegetables!

  8. Great books this week. Just like the movies does look super cute! And I really also want to read top 10 clues youre clueless. I should request that, even though my calendar would hate me for it.

    Happy Reading!

    My Weekly Wrap up Post

    Michelle @ Book Briefs

  9. I hope you like The Walled City. I have a copy, and the size looks daunting, but it also seems well worth it!


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