Sunday, June 22, 2014

Stacking The Shelves # 21

Sunday, June 22, 2014 with 11 comments
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not a drop to drink

I picked up the audio for Not a Drop to Drink this week. I haven't had much time to listen to much of it yet, but so far it's pretty intense. I have the hardcover but I figured I'd try the audio out because I have the e arc for the sequel and this will save me some time! :)

For Review 

burning kingdomstorn awayTake me On Drowned

(Thank you Simon & Schuster, Harlequin Teen, and Little Brown Books. )

I have yet to read Perfect Ruin, so perhaps I shouldn't have requested Burning Kingdoms yet, but it's a gamble I'm willing to take. lol. Torn away, I was approved for late so I started it right away. Holy cow it's good so far! Take Me On was a little late for approval too but I'm dying to read it so no complaints here! I'm looking forward to Drowned also, I believe it comes out this coming week. I met the author at YA fest.

I hope you are all having a great week. I'm visiting with my Grandmother this week. She flew here from Kentucky to stay with us a few days so she could come to my daughters 6th birthday party. We are having a great time. It's so important to cherish every moment with those you love.


  1. Ooooh, I'm really excited to see your thoughts on Take Me On, I've been hearing such great things! Hope you have a great reading week!

    1. yay!! I've really enjoyed all the other books up to this one, so I'm happy your'e hearing good things! :0)

  2. What a cute photograph :)

    Not a drop to drink is high on my wish list. It sounds like such a fun Dystopian tale. Happy reading!

  3. Oooh, Torn Away?! YAY. I have my eye on that one because I'm rapidly becoming a big Jennifer Brown fan. ;) I hope you have an awesome visit with your grandmother. ;)

    1. I haven't read anything else by her. This book though. wow, loving it so far. It was killer to put it down, I haven't read anything in days, but I'm really enjoying my visit with gram. <3 She leaves tomorrow :(

  4. Not A Drop To Drink is AMAZING. It left me with a bit of a book hangover! Definitely an intense read. I hope you enjoy it along with In A Handful of Dust. Great haul this week - enjoy the books! :)

    Emily @ Books & Cleverness

  5. Looks like a great haul! And have fun visiting your grandmother, it's always fun to see family ;)

  6. Take Me On was soooo good!

    Yay for visiting family!

  7. Great books this week! And I hope you have fun with your grandma! You are so right, you have to cherish all of the moments you get :)

    Happy Reading!

    My Weekly Wrap up Post

    Michelle @ Book Briefs

  8. I read Perfect Ruin, and so I *won't* be requesting Burning Kingdoms. There wasn't anything wrong with it, per se, it was just too mediocre to hold my interest. :( Which is sad because I love the author. Oh, and I still need to read Take Me On. But I keep putting it off because I feel like it's going to be my least favorite in the series yet.

  9. Not a Drop to Drink is a personal favorite. I hope you like it!


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