Friday, February 15, 2013

Covers By Katie
Okay, so I totally stole this idea from Sara at Forever 17 Books, who got the idea from an article on Babble called Judging a Book by Its Cover: A 6-year-old Guesses What Classic Novels Are All About.  I just discovered her lovely segment, and I immediately requested forced my own four-year-old daughter Katie to provide me with some of her own cover art artwork and then asked her what she thought the book was about.

This week, Katie gave me her take on the following book:

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"I think the girl with blue and red hair went walking outside and two butterflies got by her eyes and made her a mask."

Cover Art

Asunder as envisioned by Katiebug

I really liked the cover for Incarnate but I think this cover is even more stunning.  I've only had this book on my shelf for a week or so, but Katie loves flowers and butterflies, so it was only a matter of time before she discovered this one and asked to recreate it.  =)

Have you read this book?  What do you think of Katie's guess at the premise?  Did your little darling create a work of art based on a book this week? If so, be sure to link up with Sara over at Forever 17 Books.


  1. This series definitely has beautiful covers. And I think Katie captured it perfectly!! Great job, Katie! :)

  2. Such a talented artist. I agree the covers for both books are stunning. I need to pick this one up and continue this series! Happy Weekend!

  3. Aww she certainly has the colors down :) I still need to read Incarnate, it's on sale in e-form I believe and I know should pick it up, I'm just not sure if I really want to read this series or not.

  4. So freaking adorable! Are you making like a scrapbook out of all of these? Because that would be SO cute! (:

  5. The butterflies made her a mask! I love it!!!!


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