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The Weekend Update - 11.8.14

Saturday, November 8, 2014 with 9 comments
So, since my end-of-the-week post isn't just about what I got in my mailbox or on my Kindle each week -- though that is a big part of it, I won't lie -- I decided to change up the title and intro a bit.  I might tweak the format a bit over the next few weeks, but for the most part, it'll contain the same stuff: stuff I got, stuff I did, and stuff that's coming up on the blog.  Plus, I get to use the awesome GIF you see here and blow kisses to all the people who sent me lovely books and bookish things.  Oh, and I've started linking up to Stacking the Shelves hosted by Tynga's Reviews since I'm not using a specific meme title anymore.  April's also doing her own Stacking the Shelves posts on Sundays.  Stop by and say hi!  =)

Happy weekend, everybody! It's finally starting to feel like autumn around these parts, and I couldn't be happier! Today is Katie's last soccer game of the season, but I think after that, we're going to come home and veg out and hopefully light a fire for the first time this year. :) It's the perfect weather for cozy reading! I just love this time of year! :D

Anyway, here's what I scored this week:

For Review:

Invincible99 DaysInherit MidnightVision in Silver (The Others, #3)Magonia

Invincible by Amy Reed (Edelweiss) - This sounds like a Cancer story that's a mix between The Fault in Our Stars and Side Effects May Vary, which very well may mean it's perfect since I loved both of those books.

99 Days by Katie Cotugno (Edelweiss) - I may end up reading this over the weekend. It's calling to me. I have an idea what happened already, but I want to see if I'm right. :P

Inherit Midnight by Kat Kae Myers (Netgalley) - Okay, I don't watch The Amazing Race, mostly because I watch very little reality TV, but this sounds awesome, especially with the "only one can win" aspect and how that might affect any potential romance.

Vision in Silver by Anne Bishop (Edelweiss) - Eeeeek! I may have squealed when I got approved for this title. I love this series so, SO much and even though I'll miss the audiobook narrator for it, I cannot wait to start this third book.

Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley (Edelweiss) - I only just discovered this one on Goodreads the other day, but I couldn't resist grabbing it on EW when I saw it pop up. It sounds like a book I just read, but I liked that book, so maybe this one will be even better? One can only hope, right?


The Retribution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin (signed HC) - reading right now and it is every thing I hoped it would be =)
Every Breath by Ellie Marney (PB) - was already buying the sequel in PB so I had to get one of this to match; my review of the first book can be found here
Every Word by Ellie Marney (PB) - needed the sequel and just couldn't wait until next year; I'll be preordering the third book as soon as I possibly can :D


#MatchMyIsla SIGNED and NUMBERED jackets for Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins...publishers should really do promotions like this for all redesigns...or at least offer the jackets up for sale. I only remember one other time this happened, though...



So, that's my haul. How about you? What did you get this week?

The Week in Review:

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Jen's Currently Reading/Listening To:

This Shattered World (Starbound, #2)The Bone Season (The Bone Season, #1)I'm unsure of what I'll actually be reading this weekend. At the time of this post, I'm finishing up The Retribution of Mara Dyer, but I'm not sure what I'm in the mood for yet. This Shattered World is a safe choice...I already know I'll love it. But there are a ton of 2015 releases on my shelf, begging for me to pick them up, too. #booknerdproblems

Time for a re-listen -- as part of the read along but also in preparation for The Mime Order. I am so excited!!! But I'm also scared. Maybe I'll read The Mime Order next if I finish this over the weekend. :)

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  1. Vision in Silver! Want. Want. Where did you get your copy of Every Word? Is it available in North America? Or did you have to order a copy from Australia?

    Awesome haul, Jen! Looking forward to reading your thoughts on these books. :)

    1. Oh, sorry, yeah...I should have made that clear...I had to order from the publisher, but it's available from Fishpond now. I just couldn't wait till it releases in the US next year. The third book is due out in March, I think. =)

      Thanks, I'm looking forward to reading them all. :D

  2. 99 Days is a book that looks really good. I like the cover for Magonia. Excellent stack of books.

    Grace @ Books of Love

  3. Where is my copy of Every Word?? *sobs* I ordered it so long ago and still it's not arrived. Maybe today? I keep stalking my mail and it's never there. I hope you love it! Such a great series. I DL Magonia too. It sounds so much like that other book but we'll see :-)

  4. You have some awesome books! I hope you enjoy them!

    Come and check out OUaT's STS !

  5. That's an awesome haul!! I'm so jealous about Vision in Silver - I need more Adam in my life. <3 Also can't wait to see what you think of Invincible and Magonia.
    Love seeing Every Breath/Word and Retribution!
    Happy reading, Jen. :)

    Danielle @ Love at First Page



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