Monday, November 17, 2014

Last week Jen and I talked about how we were going to step back from the usual blogging schedule, Sometimes You Just Gotta Shake it Off. We basically decided that we would post some other things, to take a small break from reviewing every little thing. So today thought I would talk a little about my daughter and her special reading program that she's a part of. 

In Kindergarten, we were pulled aside and told that Aubrey would need some extra help with reading. So we allowed her to be in the Title 1 program at her school. I talked a bit about it on my old blog around this time last year. What do you mean my child need help with reading! We were kind of upset, because it was Kindergarten. A few weeks in and how could they know that? Of course she couldn't read yet. Duh. I think I took it mostly personal, just because... how could my child of all children have a problem? Most parents don't even read with their children the way I do. But I bit back my pride and signed the papers.

Well, this year we decided to keep her in it. I've gotten over my initial sadness over it and accepted that getting help isn't a bad thing. She's still reading slightly below the 1st grade level. Like by 0.1 point, but I think that the program has really helped her. She has a new teacher for the 1st grade group, and I have to say I like her already. 

She has sent home a reading buddy! It's such a cute idea, really, and Aubrey is so excited about it. I am too, because I love to see her excited over reading. She's always loved to sit down with books, but when she gets a new reading buddy to bring home, it absolutely makes her day. And she is starting to read a lot of it by herself, and that's just.... amazing to see. <3

This weekend she brought home Clifford. Pretty much the deal is, they come home with their bag of books, and included is a little beenie baby that they can sit with while reading. What I love is the teacher labels the books. She gets one with a green dot. That is a book that she can read on her own, or should be able to with some practice. She gets one with a yellow dot, and that is one that she can mostly read, but will need help with some words. And last of all, one with a red dot. That is one for mom or dad to read with her. Then they take them back after a week and bring a new one home. 

This is our second reading buddy so far, but I guess there are a ton more and Aubs is so excited to try them all. It's such a great way to get young readers interested. :) I just wanted to share with you all, because it's the cutest. 

Do any of you have little ones who struggle with reading? I'd love to hear from you! 


  1. I think this is a great program- even for kids who might not have any reading struggles! Who wouldn't be excited to get a bag of literary goodies every week! (me, me) =) My guy is only 2, so we're not there yet, but I'm all ready stressing about him learning his colors and numbers and the alphabet... *sigh*

  2. Such an awesome idea! My kids love stuffed animals so she would like this. My daughter went to a really bad school for Kindergarten and half of first grade so unfortunately, she was already behind when she got into her new school. Now she's in 2nd grade and still a little bit behind but doing so much better.
    It's weird, she knows how to read and write harder words like difference, though, strength but she has a hard time with the easier words. I'll try this reading buddy idea :)

  3. Aw, April, I'm glad y'all stuck with it and that the program is helping. We don't have anything like that that I'm aware of at Katie's school. They just section them off into groups for reading time based on their reading level. Katie's status reports always show that she's reading two levels above where she's supposed to be, but then I got her report card the other day and it was marked "needs improvement" for reading out loud and for context. I don't understand how that's possible if she's reading above her skill-set, especially when we read together at night and discuss afterward and I KNOW comprehends what she just read. I don't think any program is perfect, so we as parents sometimes have to take matters into our own hands. Good luck with the Book Buddy sounds promising!

  4. What a great idea! Glad to hear the program is helping and that she is improving. Best wishes!

  5. Aw, awesome idea! (I wish I had a reading buddy. Ignore that I'm a teenager.) Sounds like a great program, too. Good luck, Aubrey!


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