Sunday, August 11, 2013

I don't know about you guys, but I am so tired of getting Goodreads recommendations from peeps that I haven't ever interacted with, let alone trust.  (And don't even get me started on those damn event invites! Grrr!) I receive multiple recommendations daily for books that I have no interest in from people who, I suppose, are trying to help promote the author's work.  Kind of like a blog tour or book blast, but even more annoying.

Two things:  First, I think it's time to purge my friends list on GR.  (Jen at YA Romantics posted a really great piece on how to do just this awhile back so that you can personalize your preferences and simplify life. Now I just need to do it.) I's my own damn fault for providing "friend me on Goodreads" as a giveaway entry.  I've since learned to suggest following my reviews instead, but I still receive a lot of friend requests regardless.  And I don't mind these, as long as they're people who actually intend to interact with me.

Second, don't recommend a book to me if we haven't ever discussed books together before, if you haven't even looked at what's already on my shelves, or if what you're suggesting is a book outside the scope of what I usually like to read.  I write for a YA book blog, though I do occasionally throw in an adult, new adult, or middle grade novel to change things up a bit.  But if you're dead-set on recommending something to me, it should probably be YA. A lot of the recs I get through GR are indies, which is fine, but I'm really picky about which ones I read.

Mostly, I just want the recs for erotica to stop. Please?!?

You know what else I want to stop?  That whole judging a person by what they read/have read thing.  I read Hush, Hush three years ago and I enjoyed it at the time, but now I can't make myself read that final book.  My reading tastes have just changed soooo much.  But by no means do I disparage anyone who's still a fan of this series or any other. Every reader is different and we're all going to like different stories.  We all go into a story expecting different things, and we're all going to take something different away from a story.  It's not right, nor is it fair, to judge each other based on these things. I've been seeing this more and more lately on GR, and I find it really aggravating.

*steps off of soap box*

I also find it aggravating when other services recommend books to me.  Like the emails from B&N, Amazon, and Audible...though I know that's probably all set up in my preferences, if I'd ever deign to update them. But they arrive in my inbox so often and they can be rather annoying, especially when they're prefaced with something like "for fans of" or "since you loved book x".  But I ranted on that topic already.

Anyway, pretty much, I'm only going to read something recommended to me if it's from a trusted source who's grabbed me by the shoulders (or you know, the virtual equivalent) and exclaimed that I absolutely must read this book, that it will somehow change my life.  For instance, Em wants me to read Tell the Wolves I'm Home, and on the flip-side, I've made her swear to finally read The Sea of Tranquility. Apparently, we really like to make each other cry.  But thems the breaks when you're accepting recommendations from trusted friends.  :-P

Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. (Sorry, our cable was out and I tend to watch that whenever the opportunity presents itself. :D) While Goodreads is making changes, I'd love it if that recommend feature would go the way of the dodo, 'cause I don't see any way to turn it off. Besides, I get my recs elsewhere...


  1. Definitely agree with this entire post! There's this one person who sends me a freaking GR friend request every few days- without answering my challenge question (which is really easy- what Hogwarts house would you be in). It's like, CAN YOU STOP THAT?! I'm thinking maybe I should block them or something...

    And gahhhh! Erotica recs. So damn annoying. I recently cleared out my GR friends list because there were just so many people on there who wouldn't even bother to interact with me except to send recs for random indie novels- WHICH CLEARLY I DON'T HAVE TIME TO READ. *giant squid of anger*

    Anyway, this has awkwardly turned into a mini rant. But great post, Jen!

  2. I've changed my setting on Goodreads to Top Friends only and I keep that list a lot smaller. It's so much easier. But the emails are ridiculous. I don't even look at the recs or invites, I just delete.

    And thank you for your thoughts on what people like. I hate when people act like they are better than others because their thoughts are the only right ones. Everyone likes different things.

  3. I totally agree with everything you've written in this post. That's just starting to happen to me with the Goodreads recommendations.

  4. I agree...I ignore every book rec I get on GR. I used to look but they were always things I had zero interest in. I need to do some house cleaning with my GR but I've not taken the time. Great post and a reminder that I really do need to do this.

    My Friends Are Fiction

  5. Yea those book recommendations and invites are REALLY aggravating

  6. Agreed. The people whose taste on GR are NEVER the ones who are doing the recommending. It is almost always one of the "friends" who I rarely, if ever, interact with who obviously don't pay attention to my tastes at all. I always feel there is a hidden agenda or, more that, some dude will like a book and than recommend it to every single "friend" he has. I need to weed my friend list out as well. After I started my blog, I found myself caring about GR less and less. I care way more about my blogger friends and would rather interact with them through our blogs than GR anyway.

  7. Definitely agreed. And there's some "X and X has shared a quote with you" feature that I have no idea how to turn off either. I never look at book blasts or recommendations anymore - most of your friends, the ones who talk to you, will interact with you instead of sending you a recommendation via that form. If they did that, they'd more reliably get you to look at the book they most recently loved and are recommending to everyone anyway.

    Also many bonus points for the Full House gif, and what you said about Hush, Hush and having your reading tastes change. I read the final book and I did enjoy HH three years ago, but now I'm like Christina, why? And I wonder when someone will judge me for the previous opinions I've expressed rather than the tastes I have now. It's bound to happen soon.

    I also need to purge the friends list too. I imagine it'll take you much longer to do yours though o.O.

  8. I hate getting GR recommendations. That's the worst. I've asked people to stop, but no one ever listens. D:< I am much like you, in that I usually just listen to people I trust when I need something to read.

    TELL THE WOLVES I'M HOME! THAT'S IT. Ah, I'm so glad I have you to remind me of things. <3

    And, aww, you trust me? I'm so honored. PS--I'm definitely going to pick up SoT this upcoming weekend, so prepare yourself! <3

  9. I NEVER do anything but IGNORE the events & recommends on GR. I wonder if these people really believe it is an effective approach. I pretty much just look at my top friends too.

  10. I hate when people insist on recc'ing books to me via Goodreads when it is obvious they do not know my reading style! It is counterproductive really. I have to look into blocking them.

  11. I only recommend books I really enjoyed and I usually recommend to people I know like that 'kind' of book. I'm pretty sure I've only ever done one (maybe two) blanket recs but they were both AMAZING books.

    Seems like silly thing to misuse!

  12. I get this a lot from the same two or three Goodreads friends, who read nothing but romance and erotica - my two least favourite genres. It drives me mad, because it's obviously just a mass recommendation and has no relation to what I read normally!

    I think by abusing the recommendation system, you're more likely to put someone *off* a book.


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