Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Sunday Symposium: Z-Day is Upon Us

Sunday, October 28, 2012 with 2 comments

The Sunday Symposium is a weekly feature in which I'll be discussing various bookish topics and asking for your commentary, as well.  This week's special Halloween edition features a topic  that actually came about after a very animated discussion with my husband after watching Zombieland:  what would you most miss eating when the world as we know it is gone?

Actually, this post started because of this discussion:  my husband says to me, "Woody sure does like his Twinkies.  What would you crave when the Apocalypse hits?  Not at first, but say two years later?  Like, it has to have a good, long shelf-life." 

This gave me pause.  First, because he said when...meaning he's finally given in and accepted that my theory that the world will definitely end up overrun with zombies is entirely plausible.  Win for me.  But also because I'm not the biggest fan of pre-packaged food.  I like fresh, home-cooked edibles.  But, by the time the zombie apocalypse arrives, I probably won't really care all that much, right?  I think my husband's answer was beef jerkey, which makes sense because dayum that man can put away some beef jerkey.

So, at this point, I'm mentally walking around the grocery store, thinking of all the possibilities.  Initially, I wanted to say Pringles.  Those would be a great snack after all that zombie killing, but the shelf life of a bag of potato chips is only 2-3 weeks, so I can't imagine it's that much more for a can of Pringles.  Actually, I know it's not.  Friends, this Eat by Date site is going to come in handy as we prepare for our showdown with the zombies.  Anyway, since all the chips will be stale by then, I've moved on to soft drinks.  The caffeine will help keep me on the go, too.  The shelf life for sodas is only 6-9 months in the pantry, though, and I do prefer my soda at least chilled, so maybe not.  That leaves my number one favorite snack from my childhood:  pickles.  Those things definitely last for a couple of years.

What will you be craving at the end of the world?  Sweets, like our good pal Woody?  Or something more substantial, like my husband?  Either way, you'd better make sure to stock up on it so you're prepared.  =)

I hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween!  Don't eat too much candy!!!  :D  Wait, wait, wait...I just changed my answer.  CANDY CORN!  I love that stuff!  Even if Moose doesn't.  :P


  1. As I sot here eating Chocoberry, I would have to say cereal. I love cereal and could eat a box of it a day. So cereal. Oh and subs, and cheesecake, and any kind of berries. Ok so I would miss a lot.

  2. You actually pay attention to expiration dates? Hell, Zombie apocalypse or not...I'm chowing down on some two year old twinkie.


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