Thursday, March 10, 2016

My Latest Obsession : The Sims 4

Thursday, March 10, 2016 with 10 comments

I've been pretty absent lately, which is nothing new. Blogging really hasn't been my thing lately. It's not that I'm not passionate about books still. I am! Very! Probably even more so than before, because I have been reading a lot and not concentrating on what I'm going to say about the story. Just enjoying it for what it is.

But I'm sad to say, (but not sorry), my reading has taken a bit of a nose dive as well. You see, I finally upgraded to The Sims 4!!! Moving on to the next game installment is always bitter sweet for me. I become so attached, and when you make videos and such, it's hard to start all that over in the next game. There are different controls to learn, and lots of research.

Plus, I heard some not so great things about The Sims 4. I read about how it was a step back. And it is.. as far as lot size goes. In the Sims 3 you had these large worlds to work with. In 4, you have smaller worlds, and we are back to loading lots, where as you didn't have to do that in 3. I'm sorry if I'm boring all you none gamers.. but I do have a point!!

While 4 is a step behind in that aspect, it's allowed them to add so much more in the way of details and over all interaction. We now have careers!!! And we can go to work with our Sims!! This is awesome. I have spent the past couple weeks working with Aubrey on her family, the mom climbing up the Doctor career.

My poor husband has been neglected. lol. We eat dinner and head right upstairs to the computer. Poor guy. lol. Well, last night we finally achieved Aubrey's goal. She wanted to deliver a baby. Behold.....

We worked so hard on that promotion. You need to diagnose and treat patients. It's awesome, but hard, and time consuming.

I started my own family as well. She is also in the medical career, but not as far, because Aubrey's sim has getting the most attention.

She likes eggs and toast. lol. They are so stinking adorable when they eat. 

Her name is Samantha and this is her boyfriend Agustin. 

Here they are getting engaged. I've been working on planning their wedding. 

I know that sounds crazy, but the game play is a ton of fun! Sims 4 has a ton more to do as far as the game play. The events you plan have actual tasks that you need to do to make the event successful. 

So that's what I've been doing for the last few weeks. Living another life. lol. 

My favorite thing so far in The Sims 4, are the facial expression and personality the Sims have. I've been making little memes with them. I will leave you with a few. :) 

Feel free to take any of these if you want. lol. Now I'm off to get some reading done. :) 


  1. OMG I had a major Sims addiction in college and a few years ago I got The Sims 3 and it played a lot then too!! I always love it when I find someone else who plays also. It can totally take over your life though, am I right??? I hadn't heard much about The Sims 4... but bummer about having to load lots. I kind of liked that I didn't have to wait around on that. I'll probably have to get this and get back into it (I go in phases- play alllll the time... put it down and don't play for a year). YAY for the Sims :)

    1. I liked that too, not having to load lots, but in Sims 2 it took FOREVER to load a lot. Sims 4 is very smooth and takes almost no time at all, so it doesn't bother me. And yes!!! It takes over your life! So fun though. :)

  2. I've been holding off on buying this, because I just know that I'll get hooked and completely ignore my fiance and wedding planning. Alas -- :p I'm sure I'll get it once all the craziness has died down. This looks like so much fun! I've been waiting for the work lull to be fixed. So cool that you can go to work with your Sims FINALLY.

    1. haha yes!! I've been married over 10 years, so he's okay with my ignoring him. You should wait a little while, cause this game will suck you in. And going to work with them is so cool. You only have a few select jobs that have that option, but they are fun ones and I hope they will add more eventually:) Happy planning on your wedding!! :)

  3. oh yes i am a long time huge sims fan. I got all the sims 4 for Christmas. I think I do like it and its game play but i liked the options for objects and stuff better for 3 . more ways to be unique in the designing. I get the obsession though. I have it too.

    1. I hear ya, there were so many more ways to personalize with Sims 3. but in the same token, it was almost too much. I would spend 20 minutes designing the pattern on a sofa. lol. I still have 3 installed for when I make videos and such, but for just gameplay, I use 4 :)

  4. I used to love the Sims 3 so much. But I never bought Sims 4, and now I only have my work laptop, a Mac, so I can't get Sims 4. :-( I used to love playing it so much!


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