Monday, March 7, 2016

Join the Infinite Sea Readalong!!!

Monday, March 7, 2016 with 4 comments

To fully prepare for the coming of The Last Star, we are re-reading The Infinite Sea during the month of March! If you are like me and LOVED The Infinite Sea, this will be a great way to brush up on those burning questions you have that will totally be answered by the time you finish The Last Star.

Join along on social with #TheInfiniteSea and enter for a chance to win signed copies of all three books in The 5th Wave series and a phone call with Rick Yancey!

Full readalong schedule:

WEEK 1 (3/1-3/7): Chapters 1-13

WEEK 2 (3/8-3/14): Chapters 14-32

WEEK 3 (3/15-3/21): Chapters 33-48

WEEK 4 (3/22-3/28): Chapters 48-68

WEEK 5 (3/29-3/31): Chapters 69-84

I'm so unbelievably excited for The Last Star and the conclusion to this amazing series. And even though I've already read The 5th Wave something like three or four times, I'll probably still start my re-read with that book because it's just so awesome. Then I'll hurry and catch up to the readalong. =) And then maybe I'll finally get to see the movie!

Gah, I'm just so excited!!! Don't forget to enter to win Penguin's sweepstakes for a signed set of this amazing trilogy PLUS a phone call from Rick Yancey!


  1. I am so excited for the last book. I have already read this book but can still join in the discussion. I adored this book so much!



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