Friday, February 6, 2015

Introduction to Hogwarts

Friday, February 6, 2015 with 1 comment

I absolutely love the Harry Potter books. I read them about 7 years ago when I was pregnant with Aubrey. From first to last, I devoured them. There is nothing quite like reading those books for the first time.

Now, fast forward a few years, and we take Aubrey to Disney for the first time. She was Four at the time, and it was the very best experience.

I wish you all could have seen her face when she saw Cinderellas Castle. It was one of those moments you never forget as a mother. Her eyes were all big, and she started screaming.

I mean SCREAMING in pure joy. Everyone on the Monorail with us was laughing because it was just that cute. :)

When we took that trip, we also went to Universal. She didn't know what Harry Potter was at the time. She was all about the Disney princesses. Plus, she was a little too young to take on some of those attractions. That top photo was taken by me when we went, and I'm still kicking myself in the ass for never trying the ButterBeer. It was right there! But I don't know if I will like it, so I passed.

We will have our chance again though! We are heading to Disney and Universal in May. We are so freaking excited. This time though, I want Aubrey to know Harry Potter, so I bit the bullet and bought the whole collection. Honestly, I wanted them for myself anyway, so why not.

Previously, I had only watched the first 3. I'm not sure why I didn't continue watching them. Just got caught behind with life I guess. Well, over the span of 2 weeks, Aubrey and I watched them all.

She now loves Harry Potter. She cannot wait to see what attractions they have at Universal. I'm looking forward to it to, because now there is more than when we went a few years ago.

I must say, after watching all of these movies, I'm definitely do for a re-read soon. Holy crap, I forgot so much stuff. You would think I didn't read the books at all. Aubrey kept asking, why did so and so do that, or what just happened... etc..

I had no clue. I'm all like, be quiet, I don't know.. At one point, Aubrey looks over at me all skeptical, "Mom, I thought you said you read these."  Ha, little smart ass. Well, I need to re read them, that much is clear.

It was a great bonding experience with her too, because I want her to like some of the things I do. I would never force anything onto her, but I just knew she would love it.

So the top things I learned while binge watching these....

~ It's time for a re-read
~ I still can't stand that bitch Bellatrix Lestrange
~  Dobby looks like Smeagol with big ears.

And last of all...

~ Harry Potter is hot.

It's the dark hair and glasses for sure. If I went to Hogwarts, I would have been all over that shit, and it has nothing to do with him being the Chosen one. lol.

Have any of you watching all the movies? No doubt, I'm way behind the times. And how about your kids? Are they HP fans as well? Oh and have you been to Universal since they added the new stuff? What can we expect?

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  1. I SO want to go to Universal and Disney!! It's my plan to take Sophia there for her 6th birthday and I already have a savings account set up just for that trip (she isn't even 2 yet haha). I want to share things with her that I love too so I totally get what you are saying


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