Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the awesome ladies at The Broke and the Bookish. Apparently, they are overly fond of list-making and love to share their bookish lists with the rest of us book nerds.  =) We're game.

This week's topic is a freebie, so we went with the Top Ten Books/Series We Want Our Daughters to Read (and Love):

April's Picks:

There are so many books I want Aubrey to read and love. Most of all the series books in the top row. I decided to also share a few others... Before I Fall for instance, I feel like it has a good message. At least I thought it did back when I read it. Also, Just Listen, tough subject but so well put into words a teenager can relate too. The Host, just because it's one of my favorite books of all time. The Summer Series, because... well is just oozes summer. <3 And Forbidden may seem like an odd choice beings it deals in incest. But there are certain books in life that just change you. They change your whole perspective on things. I feel like that book did that for me. Incest is "YUCK", however I can see why it happened in Forbidden.

What almost made the list was the Sweet Valley Twin books. I read them when I was young, and they are probably outdated these days, but they were still a staple to my childhood. I mostly read adult books when I was very young, but the SVT books made their way into my life. I remember begging my gram to take me to the library every weekend so I could get a new one. :)

Jen's Picks:

My daughter is already a big reader at almost 7 years old. And I couldn't be prouder. She has quite the library herself, but it's my fervent hope that she'll also one day acquire my own library and be ecstatic about that fact. She's already watched a few -- okay, more than a few, if you count Harry Potter -- of the movie adaptations for these books, and she enjoyed them as much as I did. But I'm hoping that she'll enjoy reading these books even more and that they'll become favorites of hers just as they are mine.

There are fewer than ten series on this list but also more than ten books, but these are the novels and series that I absolutely hope Katie will love as much as I do: Harry Potter, Tuck Everlasting, Little Women, His Dark Materials, Pride and Prejudice, The Hunger Games, and A Series of Unfortunate Events. Pride and Prejudice, Little Women, and Tuck Everlasting were all books I enjoyed when I was younger, a girl trying to find herself in an ever-changing world, and I hope they shape the woman Katie will be one day as they did me. I actually read the His Dark Materials series while I was pregnant with Katie, so it'll always hold a special place in my heart. The Harry Potter series and The Hunger Games trilogy were both series that came after Katie was born, after I'd regained my passion for reading, and I read each series in one go before moving on to the next. I don't regret a minute of it. The Series of Unfortunate Events is a newer favorite, but I just love those Baudelaire siblings, and I just know Katie and I will have a great time reading that series together.

Which books do you hope to (one day) share with your kiddos? Be sure to share a link to your TTT post so we can visit!


  1. All of thes books ar so great. I would love it when I had kids and they also liked them. Especially the Harry Potter series, it's perfect for boys and girls. I would be quite upset if they didn't like it.

    My TTT @ So Bookalicious

  2. Just Listen! YES. If I have a girl whenever I have children, I hope she'll love that one too. Also, HP is at the top of my list. I will read my child that series when they are in the womb. Lol.
    I did my TTT on reasons to read comics. :)

  3. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE! (Only my favorite book EVER!!!) I have never read Twilight or Harry Potter :-(
    (And I know I need to!)
    Love this topic! I see a lot of great books on here!

    Em @ http://theyabookbutterfly.blogspot.com/

  4. Nice topic!! Here's my TTT post for the week: http://captivatedreader.blogspot.com/2015/01/top-ten-tuesday-authors-id-like-to-meet.html

  5. <3 HARRY POTTER. I absolutely loved this series and I hope to pass my books down to the next generation if I ever have children. HP has always been one of my favorite series of all time and I absolutely love them. I also agree with the Hunger Games series, although that one might wait until a little older age. I haven't even read Pride and Prejudice myself, but I'm sure I'll enjoy it. Aside, I'd definitely want to pass down And Then There Were None, Fahrenheit 451, The Traitor's Wife, The Selection, and The Mysterious Benedict Society just to name a few. Thanks for sharing:)

    Claire @ Cover to Cover

  6. I agree with the Harry Potter choice. (Even if I still have yet to read the last book in the series. :P

  7. I definitely have books that my potential future children will be strong-armed into reading. For sure Harry Potter, anything by Jane Austen, L. M. Montgomery, Louisa May Alcott, Sarah Dessen, and Gail Carson Levine. Oh, and Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys books! I loved those mysteries when I was younger.


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