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The Weekend Update - 10.10.15

Saturday, October 10, 2015 with 7 comments
So, since my end-of-the-week post isn't just about what I got in my mailbox or on my Kindle each week -- though that is a big part of it, I won't lie -- I decided to change up the title and intro a bit.  I might tweak the format a bit over the next few weeks, but for the most part, it'll contain the same stuff: stuff I got, stuff I did, and stuff that's coming up on the blog.  Plus, I get to use the awesome GIF you see here and blow kisses to all the people who sent me lovely books and bookish things.  Oh, and I've started linking up to Stacking the Shelves hosted by Tynga's Reviews since I'm not using a specific meme title anymore.  April's also doing her own Stacking the Shelves posts on Sundays.  Stop by and say hi!  =)
Well, we're officially homeowners! And today is MOVING DAY! Right after Katie's soccer game at noon, lol. :) I'm a big bunch of mixed up emotions right now...excited, scared, elated, nervous...but it'll all be alright. Helps that now I get to shop for some new decor and furniture. Retail therapy is the best therapy. =D

I won't have internet again until Tuesday, though. I think Katie's as bummed about it as I am because she can't watch her YouTube gaming videos. Kid is addicted, I tell ya. And it all started with Minecraft. :P But, yeah, I won't be around much for the next few days...

Not a lot of bookish news here, but I scored some awesome stuff this week:


My amazing, awesome, completely wonderful #otspsecretsister sent me this Doctor Who-themed package this week, and I couldn't be more in love with it! Once we get moved and I get my reading nook all set up, I will straight up be chillin' in that Bow Ties Are Cool shirt while flipping the pages of my new Doctor Who Character Encyclopedia and sipping some delicious tea out of my new thermal Doctor Who mug. The Tardis magically appears when it gets hot!!! So cool! Thank you again, really know how to make a stressful week better! Expect a gushing letter from me soon!!! =D


Two-Way StreetFalling Under (Falling Under, #1)The Sin Eater’s Daughter (The Sin Eater’s Daughter, #1)Venom (Secrets of the Eternal Rose, #1)

All of these are re-reads except Two-Way Street, mostly because I was bored and couldn't decide on my next listen. I know of plenty new releases next Tuesday, though, that I can't wait to listen to!


So, that's my haul. =) What did the book faeries bring you this week?

The Week in Review:


Slasher Girls & Monster BoysIlluminae (The Illuminae Files, #1)

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DreamstriderIt's taking me forever to read this because of how much stuff I have going on in my personal life, but I'm intrigued. It's a bit slow, but that's not necessarily a bad thing with this type of book. It's pretty intense...

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Venom (Secrets of the Eternal Rose, #1)I read this back in 2012, and I remember reading the sequel, but I don't really remember it, ya know? And I still haven't read the final book - don't even own it - so I'm trying to knock out the series. I always intended to...just never got around to it. I almost gave up on it. But here I am.

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  1. Congratulations! I hope the moving is as relaxed and easy as possible for you guys. That's so exciting. :D I'm glad to hear you're enjoying Dreamstrider so far. That's one I'll be picking up within the next few days.

    Pretty Deadly Reviews

  2. Nice win! I hope you show pictures when you get your place all set up.
    Sin Eater's Daughter was a good one and that cover is awesome, isn't it!

    My Sunday Post -

  3. The Sin Eater's Daughter is sitting patiently on my shelf just waiting to be read, and I'm pretty excited about getting round to it! I think I'm going to have to get involved with #OTPSecretSister next time around, as it looks like so much fun!! I'm glad you got so many goodies and I hope your move isn't too stressful!!

    Katrina @ Chased By My Imagination

  4. Love that Doctor Who stuff! And your Illuminae review was great! I have got to get my hands on it.
    Check out my Sunday Post

  5. Congratulations, Jen! So exciting!!! I love, love knowing that I can do pretty much whatever I wan to our home because, well, it's ours. :)

  6. You got some great books this week. I am especially excited about Carry On!

    I hope you enjoy these pretties :)
    Happy Reading!

    Here's my Weekly Wrap Up Michelle @ Book Briefs

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