Friday, October 9, 2015

Of course, that might have more to do with who I want to be hunting with. :D Honestly, this post is just another excuse to go wild with some Supernatural GIFs. ;0)

I've seen Supernatural before -- an episode here and there -- but I never found the time to give it my complete attention. Until now. I was chatting with my older sister one day and she thought it was really weird that I wasn't watching it because it's totally my kind of show.

And she was right. It is. I haven't been watching Supernatural with the fervor that I have other shows, but I'm trying to pace myself since there are nine seasons. Whoops! Netflix just dropped season ten! Now I'm even more behind!

But that's not necessarily a bad thing. We're moving this weekend, and we haven't decided if we want cable in the new house. Honestly, we don't watch all that much TV. I have shows I love, but I usually end up DVRing them and watching much, much later. Netflix is a must, though. Especially now that I'm completely hooked on Supernatural. And by the time I get through all ten seasons on Netflix, the 11th may well be available. One can only hope. :P

I started watching season 1 by myself while the hubs watched his reality tv* in the living room, but he'd come back to bed and watch the rest of whatever episode I was on. And he doesn't love it like I do, but he laughs at the right times, asks the right questions, and gets how generally awesome and bad-ass those Winchester boys are. I guess I'll keep him. :)

I've only got two more episodes left in season two, but I know soooo much more is coming. Stuff I'm probably not ready for...will never be ready for. I thought I might meet Castiel in Houses of the Holy, what with the avenging angel, but no such luck. I'm patient, though. And I'll take my time because one can never have enough Sam and Dean banter.

I think what I like best about Supernatural is that I can go into every episode knowing I don't have to believe anything they're selling but I can enjoy myself all the same. Like, in Hell House, they're in a small Texas town called Richardson looking into a haunting. Only, I lived in Richardson several years back and it's a suburb of Dallas and not small at all. And I've never heard of a Hell House. But I guess most people probably think anywhere in Texas is rural and desolate, ergo, kinda creepy at night? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Anyway, I can just appreciate the show for what it is: just two brothers, doing what they do best. So far, there's little romance and a whole lot of ass-kicking, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love the brothers' uneasy alliance in the beginning, how they weren't exactly close, despite what they'd been through together. But now they're brothers, if that makes sense. You can sense the closeness. You can feel the love. And it's pure awesome. I will forever and always choose a great bromance over a good romance.

Obviously Dean is my favorite brother because he's got that whole tough-guy thing going for him, with all his feelings bottled up inside. But we get to see them from time to time, and it makes me love his character even more. Plus, his snark is off the charts, and if you know me at all, you know I live for that shit. He's self-assured -- a real cocky son-of-a-bitch -- but that's what I like about him.

Sam is just so...Sam. He's reliable and even-keeled and constant. Sammy is the guy you marry, while Dean is the one you have a good time with, knowing it's not going anywhere. I like Sam, I do. It's just...he's no Dean. Even if he did play Dean on Gilmore Girls. :) They are total opposites, but that's why they work so well together...even especially when they're getting themselves into trouble.

One of my soccer mom friend's phone rang at practice the other night, and it was playing "Carry On Wayward Son" and my first inclination was to ask her if she's a fan of Supernatural. I didn't, though, because we only just started chatting and I don't want to scare her away yet with my enthusiasm for the Winchester brothers. ;0)

I love all of the little Easter eggs, too. I'm always on the lookout for them, but some are more obvious than others. Like in Hollywood Babylon when they're with the movie studio tour and they get to Stars Hollow on the set of Gilmore Girls and Sam's all, "I'm out."

This show is just such a treat for my fangirl, demon-hating heart. I laugh. I cry. I say what the hell is even happening right now more than I'd care to admit. And, of course, I get my wits scared out of me time and again. I just can't get enough of it!

So where are my Supernatural fangirls at? And how could you let me go so long without this show?!? :P Just in the last month or two since I really started watching, I've already added so much Supernatural merch to my wishlists, including those adorable Funko Pop figures. I want them ALL. And I'm going to get this awesome shirt from TeeFury for my hubby. =)

So, cheers, my friends! Here's to what I'm sure will be an awesome season, even if I won't be getting to it anytime soon. :D

*Supposedly unscripted television programming that bores me to tears, like Pawn Stars, The Ultimate Fighter, etc. I'll take ghosts and demons over that any day. =)


  1. How did you not get addicted before now!? I'm so jealous that you get to watch it all for the first time! Castiel doesn't come in until season four! :( Some of the best episodes are in seasons 4-5! (At least in my opinion.) I pity you your husband's tv choices. Enjoy!

  2. We totally binge watched 9 seasons in like 3 months or something. Watched the first of season 10 when it came on Netflix but dunno if we'll get caught up.
    I love Hulu for current tv watching. They just started a higher tier that cuts out almost all the commercials. They were fairly short breaks but I'm glad to have them gone (except a few shows are too snooty).

  3. I'm in the process of working my way through Supernatural with my flatmates and boyfriend, we're on Season 5 at the moment! I bought the boxset on a whim (it's not on UK Netflix) because it sounded like my kind of show too, and I was so right! Awesome show with some really clever episodes. You'll have to be patient for Castiel but he's worth the wait ;) I'm glad your husband appreciates the show at least, though I'm even gladder that my bofriend can totally fangirl with me about it!!!

    Also, I am currently running two Giveaways! Click here for Hanna Peach’s ‘Girl Wife Prisoner’, and here for Garrett Calcaterra’s ‘Dreamwielder’! Good luck!

    Katrina @ Chased By My Imagination

  4. I love this show, have been watching since the very beginning! Almost gave up about season 8 or 9 I think, but stuck by it and am glad because season 10 really came back in full blast! And Dean, I just love everything about Dean, his snarkiness, his fondness to eat cheeseburgers and pie. And I do love Castiel as well. Enjoy catching up!


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