Friday, July 17, 2015

We have Decks!!!!

Friday, July 17, 2015 with 5 comments
We've got DECKS!!! 

Back on the 7th, I posted about how we are finally doing some construction done to the house! Here  Well, the construction has started... and it's been  held up here and there due to rain, but we are slowly moving along. The Decks are done and they look beautiful. 

Here is a reminder of how shitty the decks looked. 

Here is what they look like now!!!

Above is our front entrance. Which looks so much more like a front entrance with the steps coming forward instead of to the side. :)

Oh my goodness. I'm so in love with these decks. And most importantly, they are up to code and safe. The ones we had were so rickety and when they tore them down we could see they were barely mounted into the ground. I'm so surprised they never collapsed.

I cannot wait to put our new Patio table set up on here!!!

Alas, we cannot until we get the siding done. Which is supposedly being started tomorrow. *crossing fingers* Like with any construction company, things get put off, crews get stuck at other jobs. We were told they will be here tomorrow morning to get started, but we were also told they would be here today.

We shall see!!

Anyway, that is the progress so far! I'll be sure to post some pics when the siding is done. It's going to to look like a whole new house. Wee!!!!


  1. Lovely house and beautiful setting. Thanks for sharing.



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