Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Let The Construction Begin!!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015 with 7 comments

BEHOLD.....!!!! Our new siding! Stolen directly from the manufacturer website.We are going to have them trim it in white. I can't wait. This gif pretty much says it all! 

Okay, not my entire life, but my entire life of living in this house which equates to 8 1/2 years. That's almost a decade. We never liked the color of our house when we bought it, but it was full of potential. 

Ewwwww. Brown. We almost didn't even look at the house because of the color and the fact that it had wood siding. Wood siding is a pain in the ass. It needs so much maintenance. We tried painting it a different color but our house is very steep so that didn't work out so well. 

As you can see, the chimney is still brown. We rented scaffolding and tried to get it, but we just couldn't. :/ So we've had a multi colored house for 2 years. Now on top of that, our decks, which were in pretty bad shape when we bought the house are falling apart. Here are some more before pics. 

The decks don't look so bad in the photos, but trust me when I say they are horrible. They aren't even mounted into the grown properly. One of the legs is propped on a rock. Not safe. So off they will go. 

When we came home last Friday from grocery shopping, this is what we saw in the drive way!!! 

Our contractor had their dumpster delivered! All the Township and development permits have come back approved and we are a go!! Construction starts tomorrow!!! They start by ripping the decks off and building brand new ones, then they will move on to the siding. I'm peeing myself in excitement...

I will be sure to keep you all updated with pics of their progress! Lets do this!!! 


  1. White? Ooh, it's gonna look gorgeous!

    1. Well the siding is a dark granite gray, but the corners and trim will all be white. :)

  2. I love grey w/white trim, super clean and classy looking. Make sure to show us the done pics! Plz! =)

  3. I love it! Such a cool, unique house design.


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