Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the awesome ladies at The Broke and the Bookish. Apparently, they are overly fond of list-making and love to share their bookish lists with the rest of us book nerds.  =) We're game.

This week's topic is the Top Ten ALL TIME Favorite Authors (yeah, I'm mean like that! You could narrow it down to a genre if it REALLY kills you...or just make your list a top 20 :P ):

April's Picks:

So I know I'm missing some here, but I think I got most of them. Narrowing it down to ten is just hilarious and impossible. lol.

Jen's Picks:


I really, really tried to keep it at ten, but realistically, we all know that was never gonna happen. I read too much to narrow it down more than this, and even at that, I could've added more. Some of these are new favorites, like Rosamund Hodge, and others have been favorites from the very first, like Maggie Stiefvater. All of them are awesome, though, and deserve some serious recognition for the amazing stories they bring to us. I've met a few of them, and they are all the loveliest of ladies. However, my favorite of those author interactions would have to be Maggie Stiefvater because she is just as amazing and funny in person as you would expect. Still, I can't wait to read more from these authors, and I hope to have the opportunity to meet them all some day.

Who are your favorite authors? Be sure to share a link to your TTT post so we can visit!


  1. I can't believe I forgot Maggie Stiefvater, Sarah Fine, Sarah J Maas, Richelle Mead, Suzanne Collins and Stephenie Meyers! Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with who I picked, but I should have done a top 20! Great lists, awesome authors!

    Michelle @ Michelle's Minions

    My TTT

  2. Nope. I couldn't limit myself to ten either!

    Here's mine!

  3. Nice lists! I really need to read some of these... so behind!

    My list.

  4. Sarah J Mass is a new favorite of mine. I just finished Throne of Glass last month :) And I can't believe I forgot to include Stephanie Meyer!

  5. This is a really solid list of amazing authors. We have a few the same and I would have had a few other ones if I didn't tell myself I could only include authors that I have read more than one series from. Great list ladies!
    Cassi @ My Thoughts Literally

  6. Sarah J. Maas, Marie Rutkoski, Richelle Mead, and Julie Kagawa are all great picks! Love the collages!

    Lizzie @ lizziethesarcasticblonde.blogspot.com

  7. So many great authors here, can't believe I didn't pout Sarah J. Maas on my list!! Here's my TTT if you would like to check it out :-) Have a great day!


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