Friday, April 3, 2015

Okay, so...technically this isn't a recent obsession...more of an evolved one. I've been a fan of Sherlock Holmes mysteries since I was in the fifth grade and read The Hound of the Baskervilles for the first time. (Coincidentally, that's probably my favorite episode of the BBC show Sherlock, much fun!)

But in recent months, I've discovered a whole slew of young adult novels that are either directly related to Sherlock Holmes, are retellings of sorts, or have a very Sherlockian-vibe, a la Benedict Cumberbatch's character. In case you're also a fan and missed out on them by some chance, I thought I'd showcase the ones I've become a huge fangirl for.

First, though, I must confess that though I was late to the party, I have become the hugest fan of the BBC version of Sherlock. In mere months, I've already watched the whole series twice on Netflix. And I know that's not saying a lot, considering the seasons are only three episodes long and there have only been three glorious seasons so far. But I truly enjoy this series so much more than the recent movies, and that's considerable since I kind of love RDJ.

So, it kind of goes without saying that this is the version that I will now hold all other versions -- print, screen or otherwise -- up to. That might be a little unfair, but the heart wants what the heart wants, and my Sherlock-loving heart wants more Benedict Cumberbatch sociopath types and more surly Martin Freeman-like Watsons. :)

It seems as if Sherlock Holmes invades my life at every turn. My older sis and I even had a discussion on our trip because our shuttle was noticeably absent one evening when we were ready to leave Universal Studios, and we were just heading out in search of a cab, when some guy offered us a ride. Considering there were four of us, we thought it would be safe since we were technically only going about two miles up the road. And we were. But we got to talking about that episode with the killer cabby, and well, you know...we let our imaginations run a little wild after that. :P As one does...

The Ones That Dare to Re-Imagine

The Every Series

I am absolutely enamored with this series. It features a young Mycroft Holmes and a female Watson, by way of Mycroft's next door neighbor Rachel Watts. When the series starts off, they're best friends, trying to solve the murder of an acquaintance of Mycroft's. But as things progress, things really heat up between them, much to my delight.

This series is written by Aussie author Ellie Marney and has recently been picked up by Tundra Books. The second book will release in the States later this year. I, however, am still waiting on my pre-ordered copy of Every Move to arrive direct from Australia. The series is that good that I had to spend a little extra dough to get it now instead of waiting for it to release here. Also, I'm very impatient. =)

The Jackaby Series

What first drew me to this series was the cover for Jackaby itself. It's vivid and stunning and just utterly gorgeous. And everyone and their mama was touting it as Sherlock meets Doctor Who, which it most certainly is. Jackaby is definitely drawing on Sherly's idiosyncratic behavior and the paranormal aspect is reminiscent of the creatures you might see on any episode of Doctor Who.

This series is set in turn-of-the-century New England, and the author and narrator -- I listened to the audio so I could get to it sooner rather than later -- did a fantastic job of immersing the reader/listener into the story. These books are more focused on the mystery and paranormal aspects and less on romance, which works well for the type of story being told. And also serves as a reminder that Jackaby is very much like Sherlock in that respect.

Those That are Sherlock-Approved

The Paper Magician Trilogy

I think Sherlock would very much approve of Magician Emery Thane and his eccentric ways in this series. Maybe not so much his evolving relationship with apprentice Ceony Twill, though. Still, I couldn't help but picture my dear Benedict as Emery while reading, and it only gets worse as the series unfolds.

This series forces you to suspend your disbelief (A LOT, considering this is a book that focuses on magic) and just go with the story, and for that reason, it's not for everyone. If your appreciation of Sherlock stems from the character in the show, though, I have no doubt you'll find Emery Thane's character quite intriguing.

There are elements of mystery and magic in this book that initially appealed to me, but it was the characters that kept me reading. The third book comes out later this year, and I'm very anxious to get my hands on it.

And the Sherlock Experiences I Can't Wait For

Lock & Mori

At first, I thought this was kind of a copycat of the Every series mentioned above, but once I read the synopsis, I was all in. Sherlock and Moriarty as allies?!? That's going to be so fun! I mean, they're still going to be ├╝ber competitive, but how interesting could it be if they weren't?

It is going to be difficult to picture a female Moriarty, especially after Andrew Scott did such a fabulous job playing the role on Sherlock, but if we can have a female Watson in the Every series, why not a female Moriarty, right?

I actually already have a copy of this for review, and you know it's high on my priority list. I do think the cover leaves something to be desired, though. I am really enjoying the trend of Sherlockian young adults right now, whether they take place during the Victorian era or in a more contemporary setting. I hope this one lives up to my expectations!

The Sherlock-related item that I am most anticipating this year, though? That's right...The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes at the Perot Museum right here in Dallas! It's open through Mother's Day weekend, so I still have another month or so to check it out. Luckily, my family is as interested in seeing this exhibit as I am, so we'll be making a day of it very soon. :D

The tagline for the exhibit is "See how Sherlock Holmes used science to solve mysteries -- then try it yourself!" How fun does that sound?!? The Perot Museum is very hands-on and interactive. Katie went with her class for their kindergarten field trip last year and they all had a blast.

Here's a video the local news station ran on it (and how I first heard about the exhibit):

Doesn't that just look like an amazing time?

As you can see, my Sherlock obsession runs deep. Even deeper now, after my re-watch. :) I'm always looking for new ways to let my inner-Sherlock out. :)

While we were on vacation, and after the taxi fiasco, my sis asked if I watched the "bastardized US version," too. I do not. I just know it won't be as good. Even if Lucy Liu is awesome. ;) So, I do have my limits, I suppose. =)

Whew, I am so happy to finally get that off my chest! ;0) What movie/show/book/character are you so obsessed with that it seems to invade all other areas of your life? Or is that just me, lol???


  1. I've been wanting to read some Sherlock Holmes lately! (I've been kind of forgetting about it, so thanks for reminding me) I was a bit late on reading Sherlock Holmes since I read a murder mystery when I was 6 years old and was scarred for a while...
    A lot of Ally Carter stuff tends to invade everything a lot. Any book/TV show/movie remotely spy/thief related, I always have to mention, "Oh! you know in that Ally Carter book..."

    1. Haha…I have another friend who can't help but bring up Ally Carter books in almost every conversation. :) I've only read a couple of her books, but I understand the love for them.

      And that's terrible! I'd have put off reading them, too, if I'd been scarred like that. Maybe having such strict parents was a blessing, lol. I never had the chance to be scarred. :P Hope you enjoy Sherlock when you get the chance!

  2. YES. You know I'm obsessed with Sherlock and I'm loving the recent YA reimaginings. I really loved the Every series though I've not read the last book yet. I can't wait for Lock and Mori and yay Jackaby!! Love all the Sherlock GIFs. perfection.


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