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The Truth AND Dare Blog Tour

Monday, July 22, 2013 with 2 comments

Paper Lantern Lit and the new Preferred Bloggers are teaming up for a round of Truth or Dare to spread the word about this awesome thriller from Jacqueline Green.  Except, us bloggers are being issued Truths AND Dares to complete on each of our stops on the tour.  I'm just glad these are all book-related and nothing like the dares actually issued in the book!

TRUTH:  What celebrity would you LOVE to read a book from?

Hmm...well, if it's an autobiography, I'd have to go with Jennifer Aniston.  Who doesn't want to know what really went down with Jen, Brad, and Angelina?!?  Also, maybe she'd give us the secret to those sexy gams of hers!

But if we're talking about a piece of fiction, I think I want Tina Fey to write a YA novel.  That woman is so funny and quirky and just plain awkward at times, and I think that would translate fabulously into a YA contemporary story.  =)

DARE:  I dare you to imagine a scenario where all three TRUTH OR DARE girls are competing in The Hunger Games.  Who stands the best chance of winning THAT game?

Oh, dang.  Well, first, let's see how I view each girl:

the pyromaniac photographer
the conniving gymnast
the too-perfect academian

Upon first meeting Tenley, I would have immediately discounted her as a worthy adversary in the Games, but she can get herself out of a tight spot and she's a master manipulator...almost as good as the Darer.  Caitlin, though, would not stand a chance.  This girl is all over the place emotionally, and she's not willing to fight back.  She is a runner, though, and she does have her wits about her.  Sydney, on the other hand, is willing to fight fire with fire.  She'll even play with it if you let her.  She comes from a tough background, and of the three, I imagine she probably is the toughest physically, too, just from her demeanor.

Winner:  Sydney

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Be sure to enter for your chance to win a personalized copy of Truth or Dare over at Paper Lantern Lit! And check out the rest of the stops on the Truth AND Dare Blog Tour!

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Thanks for stopping by & happy reading!  And check back later for my review!


  1. OMG Tina Fey writing a YA novel would be perfection! lol

  2. I would def read Jen's auto-biography and Tina Fey would be such a great YA author and since she wrote Mean Girls you know she could totally pull it off! I have Truth or Dare checked out from the library (and have had it checked out for a few weeks now), but just haven't been able to get to it yet.


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