Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Sunday Symposium: No Comment

Sunday, July 7, 2013 with 12 comments

On this week's discussion, I'd like to a) apologize for that punny title (gawd, I love puns!) and b) apologize for the lack of commenting in recent weeks.  I have good weeks and I have bad weeks, and more often than not, I'm at least able to visit my most favoritest blogs.  But I always feel guilty when someone leaves a comment on a review or meme post and I fail to reply or visit them back.

I used to be really good about responding.  As soon as I got the email that I had a comment, I replied and/or visited the blog of the comment leaver, assuming they had one.  Or if not immediately, I did so as soon as I was near a computer again.  But these days, I find that some weeks I pretty much have to spend a day visiting every one who stopped by and forego everything else just to get caught up.  Some weeks, I don't even attempt to get caught up because I have so much other stuff going on.

But I started to wonder:  is it even as big of a deal as I'm making it?  I mean, how often have I thought, "I left a comment over at so and so's blog and they haven't responded or dropped by my blog.  The nerve!"  Um, probably never.  I do sometimes check back on blogs that I've left a meaningful (read:  not meme-related) comment on, especially if I asked a question, but I don't get upset if there's been no response.

As a book blogger, I agree to some extent that we need to network and put ourselves out there if we hope to make this a fruitful endeavor.  But this book blogging thing is supposed to be a hobby, which is something you make time for when you can.  It shouldn't be this stressful thing that weighs on us when we can't spare it as much time as we'd like, which I believe I vented enough about on the last Sunday Symposium post.

And that leads me to my questions.  Do you check back for responses? Do you notice when someone hasn't been by to visit after you've left several comments for them?  Do you resent that and maybe not visit as much then?  Are you more concerned with providing or seeing more new and unique content, as opposed to comments and responses?  If you're an established book blogger, do you, too, find it hard to keep up with this aspect of blogging?  Do you respond to every comment immediately, or do you find it easier to do it all at one time?

Any and all commentary, chastising, and public flogging is welcome, as per usual.  And thanks for stopping by! Also, be sure to check out Let's Discuss to find more bookish discussions all over the interwebz!


  1. Hmm, I really like this topic!

    I normally try to visit the blog that left the comment, but sometimes if I feel like I just have no time to comment back on all of them, I try (keyword) to follow as a thank you for visiting. Though some weeks go by that I don't even have time (or just way too behind) to even click the link to the commenters blog!

    I only reply to comments on posts that are not memes and even then I'm forgetful. Will they even come back to read my response? I am never sure.

    I know that I don't expect every blog I comment on to visit back! So, don't feel bad if you are MIA on other blogs because we all have a life :) I doubt there is a blogger out there that is always on top of commenting back!

  2. No worries here... I'll still love you whether you visit my blog or not. :) This is just a hobby and we should try our darnedest to keep it fun.

    Though... I have to admit I have stopped commenting on certain blogs that NEVER comment back. I understand being busy... Trust me, I'm as busy as any other... But I feel you should at least make an effort to visit people back. Not immediately and not every single time, but it's nice to see fellow bloggers comment on a review of mine after I took the time to read and comment on theirs. :)

    That being said, I've never thought "WTH, Jen!" so don't expect too much from yourself. Just have fun with your blogging/reading hobby!! :D

  3. This is me too, Jen. I have just not had as much time to comment as I used to and it can take a lot of time. I only check back on those I commented on if I asked a question. I reply on my own b/c it helps me keep track as I'm going through them of who I have commented on already.

    I also admit I stop commenting on blogs that never ever comment back, much like Lisa said above me here. I totally understand busy and it is so hard to find time sometimes, but it would be nice if an effort was made once in awhile.

    Do not beat yourself up about not commenting all the time! I am slowly letting it go a bit and not being so hard on myself if I can't return them all right away, especially this week and this summer. I'd like to spend that extra time reading and having fun! :)

  4. I try to check back if I've left a detailed comment but honestly I forget most times. Just too many things going on. I've never been upset that someone hasn't responded or visited my site back. I tend to visit the sites I enjoy so I'm not looking for a response :-)I think a lot of the networking and 'talking' happens on Twitter so I don't usually feel too bad (but I do sometimes). Interesting question and post!

    My Friends Are Fiction

  5. I always try to check out the commenters' blogs when it's a meme, but I get more comments now than I used to. I feel bad not commenting back, but it just takes so much time because I try not to leave generic comments! If I have 10-15 comments to return, it can take up to an hour. An hour that sometimes I just don't have. So it's been happening quite often that I return comments after 3 or 4 days, which I guess is still better than never. And it's happened 2-3 times that I had to just let it go, but I feel really bad about that and I've been doing better this week.
    If it's a comment on a review I usually answer, unless I just don't know what to say.
    When it comes to my own comments being returned though, I'm similar to you. Sometimes I simply don't notice because I visited a lot of blogs. Or I notice but I'm not particularly upset about it. If it's always the same blog though I might stop commenting there as much because if they never return meme comments as a rule... it's sort of rude.
    There's also one person who I've seen leaving the exact same generic comment on about half a dozen WoWs that I visited, so when they drop by mine I no longer return the favor at all.

  6. I am trying really hard to set aside time each day to make comment rounds or to reply to ones I've received. It's not always easy but I try and that's all I can do.

  7. I've been trying to visit and comment more these days now that I have a little more time but I rarely check back to see if someone responds to my comment unless it's of the conversational type that I would expect a response. I actually tend to contact the blogger via twitter for those types of conversations.

    I do try to respond to all comments left on my blog and visit their blogs in return (unless it's a giveaway)

    There is only so much time in one day and I think we all get that. I just do what I can :-)

  8. I feel bad when I don't reply to comments but I'm with you, it's almost impossible to visit every single one back. And no, I don't get upset when I comment on a blog and they don't return the comment. The thing is, some always (or almost always) return comments and I return comments to them, which makes visiting their blog a habit. Once it's a habit, it's a place I visit daily and I start to feel like I'm really friends with them, like I really know them well and that's what develops the blogging friendships. However, there are a few blogs I visit fairly regularly, but not daily and I necessarily feel pressure to return comments to them and I don't think they do either. I think once you get to 'know' some you feel comfortable with NOT visiting them constantly. It's not really worth it if you are visiting JUST to return comments, you want to read content you enjoy. So if I go to return a comment and there's nothing on their first page that interests me, I don't comment. If I do have something to say, then I do comment. So that's my 'rule'.

    I've been on vacation and I feel HORRIBLE cause everyone has been visiting me and I haven't returned ANY. I look forward to having some time to comment back and get back in the groove of things.

    Oh, and I'm talking about visiting the blogs back, not replying to comments. I gave up on that because I have to cut back SOMEWHERE and I don't think most notice. If I do have a moment, or they ask a question I do reply though (if I'm able).

  9. Hmm, I'm the same when it comes to having good weeks and bad weeks. There are some weeks where I'll go onto Bloglovin' and comment on every single blog I follow. And then other weeks where I won't comment at all. I have the blogs that I comment on regularly, but I don't have a set system... and I always seem to forget to comment back! It usually takes me a while and I feel really bad about it and I just kind of get stressed out about it, which isn't that great. To be honest, I've never really been super concerned about how many comments I get on my blog. It's just one of those things that when they pop up, it brings a smile to my face. I've become bloggy friends with a couple of blogs that I comment on a lot and they comment back and it's just a nice thing to have, you know? I don't know if that made any sense, at all, but I guess what I'm trying to say is, I get what you're saying. For me, commenting isn't a huge thing and I try to not get super stressed out about it!

  10. Great post. I always feel guilty when I can't get to all the blogs that comment me and I do love my comments, But I know that I have many blogs I love and I don't possibly have the time to comment on all of them daily. I try to get through my ultimate favorites but I don't always have time for that either. As in responding to comments.I don't respond to my comments. I tried at first but I got the feeling not one really noticed if their comments were responded too. I don't really need mine responded too. I usually only leave my thoughts and then I go on to the next blog. Really don't leave questions to be answered. I myself find it hard to comment something good. I am not really good with my opinions on someone else's opinions. I sure hope that made sense. So responses are not a big deal to me. I do love comments on my posts though. It brings me some hope that my blog posts are actually being read.

  11. I just assume that we're all in the same boat -- sometimes I have time to comment and return comments, and other times I don't. I do the best I can. I certainly don't expect that every single comment I leave is returned and I seldom have time to check to see if the blogger responded on their blog.

    I guess if I left a lot of comments on someone's blog over a period of months and they never, ever returned the favor, I'd probably stop commenting because I'd decide that they didn't care about comments. But other than that, I just don't worry about it.

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