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In My Mailbox #72

Saturday, March 9, 2013 with 11 comments

In My Mailbox is hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren.  It's a weekly meme where we all get to brag about the books and swag we got in the mail, for review, won in contests, etc.

Yay yay yay!  I am officially on vacation!!!  I can't wait to catch up on my reading!!!!!!!!!  =)

For Review:

Dirty Little Secret
via Edelweiss & MTV Books

Ya'll, I loved the last Jennifer Echols book I read - Such a Rush - which also happened to be the first Jennifer Echols book I've read.  I cannot wait to see what she does with this story, being a country girl myself.  Okay.  A city-fied country girl.  Whatever.  :P


Burn Bright swag from Marianne de Pierres
for participating in cover reveal of series release on Amazon


Another week, another stop at Half Price Books:

First, who made the decision to keep it a secret that there was a book out there about killer unicorns, huh?  I have another of Diana Peterfreund's books on my shelf that I'm dying to read -- maybe while I'm on vacation this week??? -- but I think that if I had known about the Killer Unicorns series, I would have made her books priority.  There is no way this can't be awesome.

Alas, I finally have the final book in the Firelight series by Sophie Jordan. I won the first two books, but I was waiting on the final book to be released before I started.  And then I nabbed an ARC at HPB for $5.  Sweet!

The two Lemony Snicket books are for my daughter.  I won the first book for my daughter a few months ago, and she's not really at that age yet, but now my husband is obsessed with owning them all for her.  I'm starting to think my inclination toward pretty books is rubbing off on him.  :D

So, that's my haul.  What did you get this week?

The Week in Review:

Reviews:  Amy & Roger's Epic Detour (audio) & The Fault in Our Stars (audio)

Current Giveaways:  A is for Audiobook & Lunar Love Giveaway Hop

Blog Tours/Promotions:  cover reveals for The Liberator & The Wicked Within

Recent Winners:  Lisa won the Leap Into Books Giveaway Hop

The Week Ahead:

Reviews of Strands of Bronze and Gold ('cause I didn't get to it last week, d'oh!), The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight (audio), Unraveling (audio), Dark Triumph & Poison...and maybe some others, depending on how much reading I get done this week  ;0)

My baby girl turns 5 on Monday and her party is today, so I'm sure I won't be able to help sharing pix later.  =)

I plan to tackle my Review tab and get a running list going of reviews from the blog...something I've been meaning to do for awhile, and it was one of my blogging resolutions this year.  So, while I've got time off, assuming my 5yo will leave me alone for a little bit, I'm going to work on that.  :)


  1. Dirty Little Secrets is a book I really want to read, but I don't think I'll be lucky enough to get an ARC :( Rampant is HILARIOUS as well. The unicorns are adorable and viscous. I still haven't had a chance to read the sequel.

  2. Have a great vacation! Happy birthday to your daughter!

    Tempted to request Dirty Little Secret as I am a HUGE Jennifer Echols fan but S&S always rejects me on Edelweiss. Will I be a glutton for punishment or not….

    Jen @ YA Romantics

  3. Soo excited to read Dirty Little Secret!! I Love Jennifer Echols!!

  4. Seriously, killer unicorns?! That just HAS to be awesome!! :P And I thought for sure you would have taken advantage of the 25% off sale on Audible this week... I'm proud of you for now caving. ;) I, on the other hand, splurged a bit. :D I hope you enjoy your vacation!!! :)

  5. Great haul of books! I loved Rampant when I read it but shamefully I still haven't read #2 in the series! Happy reading :)

    Here's my haul this week!

  6. Have a great vacation! I hope you can read a lot of great books :D Rampant looks interesting.

    Happy reading!

  7. Dirty Little Secret looks so good. I can't believe I never thought to request it. I'm surprised HPB was selling an ARC. But I'm happy you got the book you needed. Enjoy your vacation!

  8. I wish I had a Half Price Books here! Dirty Little Secret sounds good! I'm avoiding netgalley and Edelweiss right now but it's tempting to try! lol Happy Birthday to your little girl. :)

    My book haul

  9. ....killer unicorns? Um, AWESOME. Can't wait to see your review on that one! Dirty Little Secret looks great!

    Sunny @ Blue Sky Bookshelf

  10. Some great books. Seeing your swag reminds me of never being able to own the books in Kindle version. It made me sad. Killer Unicorns?!? I need to check that series out! Happy reading this week :)

    My Weekly Wrap Up

  11. I love Jennifer Echols and I really want that book! Enjoy your vacation!


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