Thursday, January 19, 2012

Uncovered - 1/19/12

Thursday, January 19, 2012 with 4 comments
Squeeeeee!  I love novellas because of the additional character insight provided...well, that, and it's another snippet into the lives of my favorite characters.  :)  So, when I saw that Aimee Carter had written a short story for her Goddess Test series, I was obviously delighted.  And I'm doubly delighted now that the cover has been revealed:

I wish it were a real book because it would look so pretty with the rest of the series on my shelf!  What are your feelings on novellas?  Do you mind paying a nominal fee for them?  Do you also wish they were offered in print form, as well as ebooks?


  1. I like Novellas for the same reason you do... it's a little extra somethin somethin.. ya know? lol

    You know what's coming now right? lol. I can't help myself, please forgive me..

    but holy hell! She looks so busted in this picture. Like persephone just whacked her in the face with a bag of drachma.

    Dude, I even googled that shit.. supposedly that's old time greek coins? well, I googled, but half assed-ly so if its' wrong, you get the point. lol

    Maybe that's mean, Okay, yes its mean.. but those dark circles need to go, and the expression she is making looks like her nose is smooshed... hence being smacked in the face..

    *sigh* Im done now.. lol.

  2. I'm really starting to suspect that I do these Uncovered posts simply so that you'll have somewhere for your cover commentary. ;) But I totally agree...she definitely looks like she saw the ugly side of a bag of drachmas.

    And you say you're done, but you'll never really be done. :P

  3. I love novellas when they're done well! And I especially like it when they're freebies, hah. ;) I love the colors and the mood for these books, which means I really should hurry up and read at least the first book, hah.

    Thanks for stopping by the blog, Jen, I really appreciate your comment.

  4. lol, yeah, I dont think i'll ever be done.. She's such a pretty model. I love her on the over covers, but this is just a horrid shot. :)


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