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The Weekend Update - 6.20.15

Saturday, June 20, 2015 with 9 comments
So, since my end-of-the-week post isn't just about what I got in my mailbox or on my Kindle each week -- though that is a big part of it, I won't lie -- I decided to change up the title and intro a bit.  I might tweak the format a bit over the next few weeks, but for the most part, it'll contain the same stuff: stuff I got, stuff I did, and stuff that's coming up on the blog.  Plus, I get to use the awesome GIF you see here and blow kisses to all the people who sent me lovely books and bookish things.  Oh, and I've started linking up to Stacking the Shelves hosted by Tynga's Reviews since I'm not using a specific meme title anymore.  April's also doing her own Stacking the Shelves posts on Sundays.  Stop by and say hi!  =)

This week flew by but that's a good thing because it also felt loooong...if that makes any sense. Lol. I'm exhausted. But the weird thing is, I'm totally in the mood to thoroughly clean my house this weekend, from top to bottom. Idk...messes make me twitchy, and we've been living in a perpetual state of mess the last couple of weeks because I've been under the weather and on pain pills for a lot of that time. So, now it's time to get down to business. Good thing I grabbed a lot of audio this week to keep me entertained while I clean this weekend!

Anyway, here's what I scored this week:

For Review:

Mistletoe and Mr. Right by Lyla Payne - I read the first novella in this duo over the holidays last year and thought it absolutely adorable, so I can't wait to get to that other story. Kinda makes me want to check out Lyla Payne's other books, too. :)


The ever-amazing Steph from Cuddlebuggery saw that I was searching for an ARC of Heir of Fire through the #booksfortrade and she offered up her copy while trying to clear off her shelves. I am constantly surprised by the generosity of other bloggers...though I guess by now, I shouldn't be. ;0)

I just love bookish friends who think of you when they're having a blast at a convention! I might start on Illuminae this weekend…it's a doorstop but I bet it's a fantastic one! :) :) :)


Illusive (Illusive, #1)ConfessHexed (The Witch Hunter, #1)UprootedWinger (Winger, #1)

Illusive by Emily Lloyd-Jones (audio) - Kind of reminded me of The Darkest Minds, but not as good. :(

Confess by Colleen Hoover (audio) - I couldn't find anything I wanted to listen to immediately in the YA section, so I perused the adult section and found this.

Hexed by Michelle Krys (audio) - I vaguely remember wanting to read this and adding it to my TBR. We'll see. :P

Uprooted by Naomi Novik (audio) - Already read this but wanted to try the audio. Started it, but the narrator is, um, not my favorite...

Winger by Andrew Smith (ebook) - I have a copy of this on my shelf, but it's easier to sneak in a library read at work, lol.


No purchases this week. I'm being a good girl, even though none of my carts are empty, lol.


Rose Under Fire (Code Name Verity, #2)Anne Frank Remembered

I grabbed this week's SYNC audiobooks, and I can't wait to start them! You can find out more on how to download them for free yourselves below. :)

So, that's my haul. :) How about you? What did you get this week?

The Week in Review:


Every Last WordEmmy & Oliver

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ConfessOblivion (Nevermore, #3)I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this series in one go. I don't know how I could have waited years between each installment! I raced through the first two books, but I've been taking my time with this final book. I kind of don't want it to end, even though it's giving me nightmares. o_O

I usually read/listen to Colleen Hoover's novels prior to release or at least as soon as they're out in the wild, but this one I missed for some reason. But I'm jonesin' for the third part of Never Never, so I figured this might tide me over until then. Maybe.

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  1. Yes, other book bloggers can be wonderful, smart and generous. I hope you love Illuminae. It's a huge book, yes, but I think it's going to be amazing.

    Grace @ Books of Love

  2. Great haul! I really want to read Hexed and Uprooted. Illuminae is a BEAST. But I can't wait to read it. I think I'll wait a little bit until I clear a few other books from my tbr pile. Have a great weekend! Happy reading!

    Michelle @ Michelle's Minions

    My StS

  3. Great haul! I've already read Heir of Fire and I LOVED it! I haven't purchased any books yet this month but probably next month I will lol I really want to pick up Hexed since it's been in my tbr list for a while and am currently in the mood for some crazy magic lol anyways, great haul and I hope you enjoy them! Happy reading!

  4. I am impressed with the cover of Illuminae and the description of how it was made. That is one I am looking forward to adding to my tbr shelf. Enjoy.

  5. Yes! The blogger community is so nice and generous! I love the HC arc of Illuminae. My goal is to have both arc copies and the FC. I think I heard from someone else that the narrator for Uprooted wasn't that great. Such a bummer. Have a great week!

  6. So jealous you got an ARC of Heir of Fire! It would be AMAZING to have ARCs for the Throne of Glass series! Hope you enjoy all your books!

    Lizzie @

  7. I'm just getting started on #booksfortrade. Hoping it will fill in for YA Book Exchange. Great haul!
    Check out my Sunday Post

  8. Mistletoe and Mr Right looks so sweet. I made a note to look into the books closer to the holidays. :) I hope you enjoy all these. Happy Reading!
    Here are my newest additions.

  9. I can't wait for Illuminae to come out! It sounds so amazing. I recently got a copy of Winger too. I have heard so many great reviews for it so I thought that I might as well see what all the hype is about! Have an awesome week. :)
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian


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