Thursday, June 4, 2015

SYNC Summer 2015: Week 5 #sync15

Thursday, June 4, 2015 with 4 comments

Man, I can't believe it's June already! The kids are out of school -- or at least mine's last day is TOMORROW! -- and summer is upon us. You know what that means! SYNC recently announced the list of audiobook pairings up for grabs this summer, and today kicks off the 5th week of the program for 2015. Here's what you can grab through Wednesday of next week...for free!

This week's YA title is A Corner of White by Jaclyn Moriarty, performed by Fiona Hardingham, Andrew Eiden, Kate Reinders & Peter McGowan for Scholastic Audiobooks.

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The first in a rousing, funny, genre-busting trilogy from bestseller Jaclyn Moriarty! This is a tale of missing persons. Madeleine and her mother have run away from their former life, under mysterious circumstances, and settled in a rainy corner of Cambridge (in our world). Elliot, on the other hand, is in search of his father, who disappeared on the night his uncle was found dead. The talk in the town of Bonfire (in the Kingdom of Cello) is that Elliot's dad may have killed his brother and run away with the Physics teacher. But Elliot refuses to believe it. And he is determined to find both his dad and the truth. As Madeleine and Elliot move closer to unraveling their mysteries, they begin to exchange messages across worlds -- through an accidental gap that hasn't appeared in centuries. But even greater mysteries are unfolding on both sides of the gap: dangerous weather phenomena called "color storms;" a strange fascination with Isaac Newton; the myth of the "Butterfly Child," whose appearance could end the droughts of Cello; and some unexpected kisses...

This week's classic title is Dracula by Bram Stoker, performed by David Horovitch, Jamie Parker, Joseph Kloska and a full cast for Naxos Audiobooks.

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For a century Bram Stoker’s Dracula has reigned supreme as the undisputed masterpiece of horror writing. We have all grown up under the shadow of the elegant Count, at once an attractive, brutal and erotic creature of the night. In 1897 Bram Stoker wrote a story expressing the most persistent nightmare of the human condition. Take this opportunity to dream again...

I've never read anything by Jaclyn Moriarty and I've never actually read Dracula, so you bet I'll be grabbing both of these audiobooks. Especially since Dracula is a full cast those!

Will you be picking up either of these titles? Remember, they're only available through Wednesday, and new titles will be put up on Thursday for download. To download this week's titles, just click here to be taken directly to the SYNC download page.

I hope you take advantage of this program. I've been doing it for the last few years, and I've had the opportunity to listen to a ton of great audio for free.  If you've never tried audiobooks before, it's a great opportunity to do so without the obligation of buying one that you might not enjoy.  And if you love audiobooks, well, it's a great time to stock up on some titles you may have missed or discover new ones.  Win/win.  =)

Happy listening!


  1. This is really cool!!! I've been wanting to try audio and this seems like the perfect way to do it!! Plus there are some books I'm super interested in on the list this summer... like Rose Under Fire!!! Yay!!! Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

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