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A Playlist for June

Friday, June 19, 2015 with 6 comments
So, we spend a lot of time here on the blog talking about books, reviewing books, waiting on books, getting get the picture. But reading isn't all we do. So, I thought I'd showcase some of my other interests -- namely TV, movies, and music -- and what's been playing in my house this month.

I had some health issues recently that left me in pain and rather lethargic, so I spent a good deal of time on the couch. It's summer, though, and all of my shows are on hiatus and I'm all caught up, so I resorted to Netflix and discovered a couple of gems.  I'm pretty sure I'm, like, the last person to discover these, but whatevs.

Daredevil starring Charlie Cox

First of all, YUM. So much better than Ben Affleck, IMO. Also, this satisfies my longing for more superheroes until the next Marvel movie. Or at least until I finish this season on Netflix. :(

My husband wasn't terribly impressed by the first episode and so he hasn't continued watching with me. His loss. My 7yo daughter thought it a bit too violent and has also ceased watching. But I told her she wasn't supposed to be watching with me, anyway. It's summer. She should be playing outside, lol. But this Daredevil reboot is just right for this mama bear. :D

A shirtless and ab-rific Charlie Cox will make any girl feel better. =)

The 100 starring Eliza Taylor

I'll be honest. I was not at all interested in reading the book this was adapted from when it released. And so I dismissed the show without another thought when I saw promotion for it. And then everyone and their mama was raving about it, declaring their ships and what-not, and I couldn't go a day without seeing it mentioned on Twitter. So, I caved. And I'm soooo glad I finally gave in. I'm not very far into it, but I'm already invested. This show and I are going to have a very unhealthy relationship before you know it.

Anything else on Netflix that I've obviously been missing but need in my life, like yesterday? Always up for recs!

So, I couldn't make myself spend the money to see Vampire Academy at the theater after all of the terrible things I'd read about it. Even if it was from the genius behind Mean Girls. And even if I was am a huge fan of the books. I even re-read the series in anticipation of the movie. But it was on one of the movie channels the other day when I was couch-bound, so I decided to give my curiosity a break and let it play.

It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't good. It's just disappointing because it could have been SO good. The snark, the vampire-slaying, the banter...were just all so disappointing. The oomph that the book had was just missing completely.

It came on again last night, and I decided to take a nap rather than watch it again.


I've listened to the audiobook version of The DUFF several times. It's probably my favorite of Keplinger's. I even listened again right before watching this. I'd heard the movie was very different from the book, and I wanted to see just how different.

Not the same story at all, really. The characters' names remained and the DUFF premise was the same, but everything else, I mean everything, was changed. But it still ended up being a really cute movie with a pretty positive message.

I watched it at my place while my sis watched it at hers and we texted back and forth in monster voice, which made it all the more funny. And then you have Robbie Amell's abs. Definitely a plus. But poor Toby Tucker, turned into such a douche-nozzle for the sake of comedy.

I would definitely watch this one again when I need a laugh.

I'm also looking forward to watching The Seventh Son (Ben Barnes, YUM) and taking the little one to see The Minions movie soon. =) Those little guys are just too cute.

I'm a mood listener, and lately, I've been in a very chill listening mood, preferring no lyrics and pretty melodies. This is especially the type of music I listen to while reading. My husband thinks it's crazy that I can listen to music at all while reading...he thinks it would be too distracting. Pfft.

My latest discovery is The Answer Team, which isn't new by any means, but I still love it:

But I don't want you to get the idea that my butt is always parked on the couch. =) Besides finishing up Daredevil and The 100 on Netflix, we've got plans to blow some stuff up for the 4th of July and more plans to get our butts in some water, a la Schlitterbahn and maybe Hamilton Pool. (So pretty!) Once I'm all rested up, I see some hiking in my future, as well. Assuming the 100 degree days hold off for a bit. o_O

Hope you're all enjoying your summers and that you've got lots of great things to read, watch, and listen to!


  1. Do you watch Marvel's Agents of SHIELD? I love that show!! (and both seasons are on Netflix)

    1. No, but I did watch Agent Carter. Super excited that it got renewed. :D But thanks for the rec...I'm sure I'll watch this as soon as I finish up Daredevil. I can't believe I forgot about that one. :) I just can't get enough of the superhero-themed shows!

  2. Daredevil and The 100 have definitely been my summer obsessions too! I actually started The 100 on Tuesday and just finished the season 2 finale this morning...I wasn't 100% sold based on the first few episodes, but I pulled through and became addicted! Season 3 doesn't come until March (so I've heard) :( :( :(

    As for recs, I just started watching Between, which is another Netflix original. Basically, it's about a mysterious disease that kills everyone in a small town under the age of 22...shenanigans ensue. XD There's only five episodes out so far, but it seems pretty promising!

    blog: Indoor Sojourner

    1. Awesome! I'm glad I'm not alone in my new-found obsessions, lol. I haven't been able to watch The 100 that fast, but I won't be able to pace myself enough till March. :( Good thing there are so many others to choose from on Netflix, am I right? :D

      Oooh, Between kind of sounds like a book I read (series?) that I read awhile back, though the name escapes me at moment. I'll have to try that one out. Thanks for the rec!

  3. I have not seen The 100! I will have to look that up now! I do love Daredevil though. Did you see Charlie Cox in Stardust? Love, love, love that movie! Fabulous recap!

    On a side note... love your blog! New follower :D

    1. I just finished the first season of The 100 last night and OMG, I am so in love with this show. Even my husband is kind of addicted to it now. And he's coming around to Daredevil, though I admit I haven't devoted as much time to that show. :( Yes, I LOVED Stardust! I watch it every chance I get. I can't believe I still haven't read the book, though. :(

      Aw, thanks! And thanks for stopping by! =)


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