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Title: Tyler Tiger has Tonsillitis
Author: Rick Saup'e
Series: stand-alone
Publisher: Tate Publishing & Enterprises
Publication Date: August 16th, 2011
Source: Purchased Paper Back for Aubrey
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Tyler Tiger's throat is sore again, and the doctor says he needs surgery! Tyler's terrified and thinks the surgery will hurt, but Dr. Snow soon sets him straight. Join author Rick Saupe in Tyler Tiger has Tonsillitis-a lighthearted tale about a young cub who not only learns how the operating room works, but also that having surgery isn't as scary as he thought.

This book means a lot to us... and it's sort of a review, but also an explanation as to why we bought it.

... Because Aubrey has had a rough Summer. :/ It all started around the middle June. She caught a summer cold which included a wicked sore throat. After a trip to the immediate care and then later her primary doctor, we got her a Zpack to help clear up the infection.

The infection went away but she continued not to eat all that well. We asked her numerous times what was wrong and if her throat was still bothering her but she said she was fine. The last straw was Red Lobster. This kid loves that place, mainly for the biscuits. She gagged on it and almost threw up in the bathroom.

When we got home I made her show me her throat. Didn't look as red, but holy crap those tonsils were still huge. That Monday following, I immediately booked her a follow up appointment with her Primary. She of course referred us to a specialist. So off to the ENT we went.

We were nervous because we knew what the outcome was gonna be. I mean, her tonsils were unbelievably big, And they weren't going down. I will demonstrate via M Paint. lol.

We couldn't even see her throat. That's how bad it was. It's a now wonder the poor thing couldn't swallow. So knowing Tonsil removal was most likely in the cards for her, I went ahead and ordered Tyler Tiger has Tonsillitis. It looked like the cutest most informative one I could find, and I have to say we were quite impressed with it.

It wasn't completely exact but it was pretty darn close and it really helped ease Aubrey's fears. At least as much as it could.

Basically Tyler Tiger is getting sore throats constantly. He takes some meds and feels better but his tonsils are still big so the doc decides to take them out. Tyler talks to his mom about it, and she explains how she got them out when she was young. When they get to the clinic that morning of the surgery, they are given a tour of the operating room. It explains  how he has to blow up the balloon and then he will fall asleep.

The only thing that was really wrong was the parent being able to go into the operating room to hold his hand until he drifts off to sleep. Maybe in some places this is allowed, but not round here. But I knew that and explained that we can't actually go into the operating room with her because we aren't doctors.

When he wakes up the nurse goes to get his parents, he eats a Popsicle and home they go. They offered one to Aubrey but she wasn't having it. lol.

Her surgery went well... her favorite stuffy came along. Dog Bear we call him. She got him as a baby and has slept with him ever since. The doctors and nursing staff were amazing. They kept Aubrey laughing and happy right up to wheeling her back. She was scared of course, but she didn't cry and I'm so thankful to everyone there at Allentown Surgical Center for making this experience as pleasant as possible for her.

Day one wasn't so bad. She was still pretty drugged up and having a good ole time.... woo! post surgery party time! lol

And then there was day two. She was really sick to her stomach and it was by far the worst day for her. We called her ENT and they prescribed some Zofran for her and that helped immensely. It knocked her out though, but she needed the rest anyway.

The next day she was able to get some food in her tummy and she was doing much better. We just went for  her one week check up yesterday and she's healing well. She will be all ready to start school next week, tonsil free!

Also, Aubrey got this cute little "Get Well Friend" from a friend of mine. Adorable. I had never heard of them.

This is a hard book to recommend because it's pretty event specific. We would never have purchased this had she not been getting her tonsils out. So I recommend it to anyone who's children are going through the same thing, or maybe even have a sibling, cousin or friend going through it.

It really is a great little book. 


We've moved on from pudding and she's finally eating some real food! 

Progress :) 


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