Friday, May 22, 2015

The Magical World of Disney

Friday, May 22, 2015 with 7 comments

Disney is truly a magical place. Every time we come home from there, I'm ready to book our next trip. We had such a fantastic time. The picture above was pretty neat because notice the massive crowds! It's practically empty. The park technically hadn't opened yet but we were able to get in because we made breakfast reservations at Belles castle. That was super neat. 

Not to mention, Delicious. So fancy too, and it was quick service so we were able to use our meal plan. We stayed at Pop Century, which wasn't my favorite hotel there, but for the amount of time you actually spend in your room, who cares. Overall it was nice, and we were really close to the main building which was a major plus. 

We met a lot of princess's. 

And a Fairy too! 

We wanted to meet Anna and Elsa, but did not get a fast pass for it, so an hour and a half wait.. nope.. Aubrey wasn't having it. I would have waited for her, but she said she'd rather go on rides. 

And the rides were a blast. It wasn't too bad as far as lines. The big ones we wanted to get on, we were sure to get fast passes for. Particularly Test Track. The last two times we went to Disney, it was down, and we couldn't get on. 

Now that is a gem. My family will forever make fun of me for this one. Since we went down with my in laws, we bought the Photo Pass package. It was so worth it with all the photos you get. Included the ones on the rides. Below is the Terror of Terror. As you can see, Aubrey was a huge fan. lol. 

Unfortunately, it pretty much ruined her for any scary ride for the rest of the trip, but don't worry. She talks about it like a badge of honor and has told everyone and their mothers how she survived it. lol

We didn't just go to Disney though, we went to Universal as well. We caught a shuttle over. 

That was such a fun day! Every day was fun. The Harry Potter sections though.. incredible. The amount of detail they put into it is crazy. It's just... wow. I'm still blown away. I will leave you all with a few more photos from the trip. 

I hope you all have fun vacay's planned for this summer! 


  1. This trip looks so fun! We, too, love Disney and could practically live there!

  2. I'm glad that you and your family enjoyed Disneyland and Universal Studios. I think it's cute when children get to meet characters from cartoons and movies.

  3. I actually just got back from a Orlando trip too. It's so much fun there! Definitely wish I had more time. :) It's amazing, isn't it?

  4. Disney World is the best!! Glad you got to enjoy Universal too. Get any fun souvenirs or decide not to splurge? I have the hardest time keeping my wallet closed. Next time I'll get that Epcot mug.


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