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Our Fall TV Lineup

Friday, September 12, 2014 with 5 comments
We don't know about you, but we're pretty damned excited about the return of fall: the cooler weather, the turning of the leaves, and all of the new books that are set to release soon. Plus, our favorite shows are back, including a whole slew of new ones for us to check out.

We thought we'd share some of the shows we love, the ones we're excited to check out, and see if we missed adding any to our fall lineup. It feels like there should be more new shows based on books in our lists, but maybe we're thinking of movie adaptations? Who knows...with the bazillion channels available on cable these days, it wouldn't be hard to miss some. :P

Anyway, we tried not to get too spoilery where our favorite shows are concerned, but since you had all summer to catch up, we couldn't refrain from discussing them a little bit. ;0) We have big hopes for this fall's programming. Here's what we're watching:


I must confess, I'm not a huge TV person. I've always juggled my time between tv, reading, and gaming. Now I've added my kid to the mix, so I'm even less of a TV person than I was 6 years ago. I do have some select shows that always get my attention though! 

These are the main shows my husband and I both look forward to every year. Yay Fall!! One of my favorite things about fall is all my shows coming back. We used to try a new show every year, but lately I just haven't seen any that have appealed to me. And plus, it's so risky. We've gotten attached to shows that just go off the air after 5 episodes. Now a days, you can just wait until you know it's doing well and watch them off Netflix. 

And that brings us to our Netflix shows. We are only watching one at a time, because it's just so hard to keep up with them, along with our regular shows and life stuff. Right now, we are still watching Breaking Bad. We are a few Episodes into season 4 I believe. Our goal is to finish them before the new year because there is a spin off coming out that we want to try. Better Call Saul. If you have watched Breaking Bad, then you know what a funny character he is. So I'm pretty excited for that. 

We aren't 100 percent sure what series we will start next, but these three have definitely been discussed. I realize now looking at my image that you might all think I'm some kind of druggie psychopath.. I can assure you my piss is clean. 

That's it! As soon as The Walking Dead's season ends.. Game of Thrones starts and it sure helps to ease the pain of saying goodbye to my zombies. Actually I kind of lie. Another season of Survivor starts in February, but that's not very springy to me. 

I'm reusing this image from an old TTT because I'm lazy! But these are the other shows that we watch here and there. When we have time. :) 


These are all the shows I watch that have already kicked off their fall season...

These are all the shows that are returning or will be kicking off their fall season soon...
And yay, both of these return next week!!!

I'm pretty excited about each and every one of these, though I'm sure my husband isn't going to be happy about having to hand over control of the tv on Thursdays. ;0)

Jen: Wow, I never realized just how many shows I actually watched. I'm fond of saying that I don't watch all that much television, that I read instead. Which is true to a point because I only binge watch a lot of these shows on DVR in the winter when Jerrod's at the deer lease, but still.

April: You do watch a lot of shows! I watch tv more in the winter as well. It's cold and dark so early, that the couch is the most logical choice. The DVR is wonderful. The little shows we like to catch.. we record them because its hard to find time to "catch" them as it is...let alone when they are actually airing. I cringe remembering the days when we didn't have this technology.

Jen: OMG, I know...whatever did we do before DVRs? Oh, right...we used VHS tapes to record them on our VCRs! A lot of you are probably too young to remember those, lol.

April: I've still never watched an episode of Once. I really need to try it sometime. And Outlander, Ahh, I feel so out of the freaking loop. I must start that audio asap. Then we can talk about the show vs reading the book first and not reading it first. I feel you on that though, because I'm in the same situation with Game of Thrones. I'm too far in now, I can't go back and read them.

Jen: Oh, April, you would LOVE Once! And Outlander is fabulous! I think we should totally do a post comparing our experiences with the story! Should be very interesting. I haven't watched any of Game of Thrones, though I do think it would be a show I would enjoy. It's just...most of those shows I can't watch with the little one around, and I've already got so many others I have to record to watch when she's not around. There's just not enough time! Maybe I'll catch it after the show is over?

And I loved your Netflix choices...they do make one wonder what you do in your free time, but I'm not judging, lol. I've seen an episode of Dexter and Weeds here and there, but I never got sucked in, which is probably a good thing considering all of the other shows I have on my plate. o_O

So, what shows are YOU looking forward to this fall? Is your DVR going to be as full as ours? :D Are we missing any shows?


  1. OMG YOU DIDN'T EVEN MENTION SUPERNATURAL. HOW COULD YOU?!!! hehe. ;) I'm dyyyying for S10 of that one and honestly, I never ever watched TV shows until this year. Now I'm hopelessly addicted. Supernatural is my top favourite, but I love Psych (which I think is all finished, right? I'm up to S6) and I really want to see more of Teen Wolf. I have like 1 episode of Sherlock yet, but I'm in denial, because if I watch it then I'll to be on these long hiatuses that the writers torment everyone with *sigh*
    I'd love to try Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. But GOSH, there are so many shows out there.

    1. Oh, you're right, Cait, I totally meant to add Supernatural to the list of shows I'm so behind on that I'll just wait till they're done and binge-watch on Netflix. :) My older sister told me I'd probably like Psych, but I never had a chance to catch it when it was on. There are just way too many good shows to catch them all. ;)

  2. I don't really watch TV, but I do love Arrow. I'm excited for Flash too.
    Tosh.0 and Property Brothers are a guilty pleasure of mine. The guy Jonathan reminds me of Flynn a weird way.

  3. Hey, hope you don't mind, but I tagged you for The Murder Mystery Tag




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