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16101138 Title: The Well's End
Author: Seth Fishman
Narrator: Katie Schorr
Series: The Well's End #1
Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks
Publication Date: February 25th, 2014
Source: received for review via Audiobook Jukebox
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A deadly virus and an impossible discovery unite in one enthralling can’t-miss read...

Sixteen-year-old Mia Kish has always been afraid of the dark. After all, she’s baby Mia, the one who fell down a well. That was years ago, though the darkness still haunts her. But when her classmates and teachers at ritzy Westbrook Academy start dying of old age from a bizarre and frightening virus that ages its victims years in a matter of hours, Mia becomes haunted by a lot more than the dark. Their deaths are gruesome and Mia worries she and her friends may be next. In order to survive, Mia and her small crew must break quarantine and outrun armed soldiers in hazmat suits who shoot first and ask questions later.

And there’s only one place to go—the Cave, aka Fenton Electronics. Mia knows it’s somehow connected and hopes her dad, Director of Fenton Electronics, who has always been strangely secretive about his work, has the answers she needs, and more importantly a cure to save everyone before the whole town succumbs to the mysterious virus. Unfortunately, it’s not answers Mia discovers, but something far more treacherous and impossible than even the virus itself.

A high-stakes, fast-paced adventure with imagination and heart.

I heard about The Wells End through April @ Good Books & Good Wine. Everything about her review told me I would love it and I was right to trust that feeling. This book was pretty freaking awesome. A while ago, Jen told me about a site, Audiobook Jukebox, where you can request Audio books to review. Scrolling through I so The Wells End and remembering Aprils review, I quick requested it. A little risky since I’m new to the Audio scene, but it was a good call. First I’ll mention that the Narrator is perfect. I love her voice, she fit Mia perfectly, and I was sucked in immediately.

Ahhhh the story, let’s talk about the story guys!! It’s so much more than it seems to be! The thing that initially grabbed my attention in the description was the virus. I love that kind of stuff. Crazy spreading virus’s, count me in. A virus breaks out at Mia’s ritzy school. Not just any virus, but this virus is aging the teachers super quickly and killing them.

The whole school has been quarantined, so Mia and her friends are stuck unless they break out. They all have reason to believe there is something more to this virus, and Mia’s father may have the answers, but first they have to get to the cave alive.

The Wells End is full of action. It’s really the first audio book I’ve listened to of this nature, and it was great. I was making up excuses to do mundane things, just so I had more time to listen. I even listened a little last week while I was sick as a dog. Laid out on the couch with my phone by my head. It was serious stuff.

The only lacking thing is the romance, which April @ GB&GW mentions in her review. I have to agree with her on that, so I knew going in to The Wells End, that the swoons would be weak. It’s all good though, because there is a deadly virus running rampant, and they are being chased by soldiers in hazmat suits. I’d be concerned and annoyed if there was tons of kissy face stuff going on, ya know?

I don’t want to get into too much detail for fear of ruining it for everyone, but holy shit balls, there really is more to that virus, and the cave!?! Don’t even get me started on that. I’m still fascinated. The ending leads into the next book perfectly. While it’s a bit of a cliff hanger, it’s a perfect cliff hanger. Not one that pissed me off, but just has me dying for more. My head might explode with the mere thought of how wonderful it will be to finally get that book in my hands.

About the author:
Seth Fishman
Seth Fishman (me) was born and raised in Midland, Texas (think Friday Night Lights) and received his MFA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England (think cold and rainy and millions of castles). His YA thriller, The Well's End, is the first in a series and the protagonist, Mia Kish, is roughly inspired by a hometown drama that (when I was young) really blew him away: (

When not writing, Seth is a literary agent at The Gernert Company (, and thinks writing and agenting are the two very best jobs in the world. Thanks for checking in!

Find Seth:

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  1. This. Sounds. AWESOME. And two out of two Aprils approve, so I'm convinced I need to make time for this one. =) The other April's review is actually what convinced me to add this one to my TBR in the first place, but your endorsement means I'll definitely be picking this one up...probably on audio, too.

    1. lol, Two April's.. that must mean it's good. :)

  2. Oh heck yes! I have this book, and your enthusiasm is contagious! I'm definitely squeezing this in sometime this week. :)

    1. Yay!!!!! I know it was hit or miss for some people but I just loved it so much!! :)

  3. Crazy viruses FREAK ME OUT. I'm not sure I could handle it. BUT actually one that ages people is very intriguing. I already want to know what it's all about. Romance is a big deal to me, so one that's lacking is really disappointing. Does it seem like something that will improve in future books, or is it going to be a bomb? Glad you loved this so much and that the audio worked well.

    1. Hmm, I'm not really sure where it will go in future books. That's really the least of my concern though! The way it end.. it's the furthest from my mind. :)

      If you need a strong romance in your books this might not be for you. There are no triangle or anything, but there is so much other stuff going on, that the romance that is there, just isn't all that convincing. I'm normally a romance girl myself, but going in I knew what to expect so I wasn't disappointed by it.

  4. I am always fascinated with these kinds of stories as well. Romance would not be an issue, but if it well-written like you say, it may be well worth the read (or listen).

    1. yes!! you should try it.. Listen!!! the Narrator is so good!


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