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{Movie} Review: Veronica Mars

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We all delight in seeing our favorite books brought to life on the big screen.  We cringe at casting.  We scoff at release dates.  All the while, we're gearing up to see if the director's vision lives up to the world we've conceived in our own imaginations.  Sometimes it does...and sometimes it doesn't.  We could lament the movies that don't measure up, or we could return to the books for a re-read, possibly with a slightly different mind-set.  All's fair when it comes to artistic vision, right?

Today, I'm featuring the following movie, which is more of a continuation than an adaptation, but since there's a book spin-off series coming, I'm counting it:

Title: Veronica Mars
Director: Rob Thomas
Stars: Kristen Bell, Chris Lowell, Jason Dohring, Enrico Colantoni
Release date: March 14, 2014
Based on: the beloved TV series of the same name

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Years after walking away from her past as a teenage private eye, Veronica Mars gets pulled back to her hometown - just in time for her high school reunion - in order to help her old flame Logan Echolls, who's embroiled in a murder mystery.

I am a hardcore Veronica Mars fan. Loved the show when it was on. Watch reruns every chance I get now that it's in syndication. Still think of Logan Echolls every time I see a yellow Xterra. And I had every intention of seeing this movie in the theater with my older sister when I visited her over Spring Break. But, as luck would have it, the movie wasn't widely released and wasn't showing near her at the time. Woe is me...I guess I'll have to drag the husband to see it, even though he detests the tiny, blonde P.I. But, wait! An email just arrived in my inbox on Friday night that let me know that as an AT&T U-Verse subscriber, I have the ability to watch this movie via On Demand while it's playing in theaters simultaneously. What?!?!?!? Best. News. Evar!!!

While the husband was out in the garage watching some UFC event with the guys, I snuggled on the couch with a glass of wine and prepared for this movie to right the wrongs of the past. I was bereft when this show was cancelled, and I hated the way things were left. I liked Piz, but he and Veronica never had the same chemistry, the same magnetism that she and Logan did. And I needed to see those two get their happily ever after. I won't spoil anything, but I will say there's a bar fight and V gets in on some of the action herself. Make of that what you will.

I really wish this series was still on. It was way too short-lived, but even so, this movie continuation hit on all the right notes. The sarcasm and wit, the friendships, the swooning. It so didn't feel like ten years had passed since these characters had all interacted. I mean, there was the awkward weather chit-chat between Veronica and Logan upon their initial meeting, but they picked up right where they left off with their banter, and it was like old times again. Sexy old times. (Logan in dress whites is a sight to behold.) =D

The story itself was also made of awesome. Veronica is leading a rather mundane life, doing the good girl thing, graduating from law school and preparing to take the bar. But she seems kind of miserable. I really found it entertaining how she likened her affinity for detective work to an alcoholic addiction, not unlike her own mother's problem with alcohol. And it made a lot of sense because despite how put-together her life seemed, she was missing something. Investigation work is like a drug to her, and she may very well let that addiction cost her everything.

The voice-over monologuing is still ever-present. Keith Mars is still an indominable voice of reason. Dick is still an asshat. And Wallace and Mac are still great friends who tell it like it is. It's like nothing has changed...except Veronica. But she's getting there.

This movie was great, but all it succeeded in doing was making me want more. There are two YA Veronica Mars novels due out soon, one of which actually released yesterday. I'll be procuring the audiobook very soon, since Kristen Bell herself is narrating. So, at least I have that to look forward to. But by golly, I need more Veronica Mars in my life. Or at least heroines like her. Overall, I'm giddy with how this movie turned out -- and in the manner in which I was able to view it, like watching an extended episode from the comfort of my own living room. I'm confident fans of the series will love this movie, and I'm hoping it will make fans of the kids who are too young to remember the show in its prime.

GIF it to me straight:
It was everything I'd hoped it would be...but I still want more.

Were you a fan of the show?  Have you seen the movie?  What do you think about the Kickstarter campaign and it being made into a full-length feature?


  1. LOVED the show and the movie! My brother and mom are a fan so we all drove to the next town over to see it in theaters even though part of my backer rewards was a digital download but I just had to see it on the big screen. I had participated in a million tweet-a-thons and signing petitions and writing letters to the WB begging them to make the movie. I just couldn't believe it all finally paid off. I just got the book today so I'm excited that it will continue through the books. Like you said the movie just made me want more! I want it to be on every week. LOL Hoping they make a sequel!

    1. I really wanted to see it in the theater, too, but the closest it's playing to me is an hour away, and I knew it would be like pulling teeth to get the hubby to go with me. :( And you know what else is sad? I wasn't even aware of the Kickstarter for the movie until it was almost over. I totally would have backed it! I'm going to start the audiobook as soon as I finish my current listen. I'm excited that the story will continue where the movie left off, with Veronica as a grown woman. I would be the happiest girl ever if they decided to make a sequel! :D

  2. YES the movie was awesome! I loved all the little in-jokes and that scene with leo pretending not to remember Veronica was HILARIOUS. And Dick was just . . . well, Dick. And that's always awesome.

    I would've liked a few more answers though - more about the corruption in the sheriff's department etc. plus I would've liked a bit more closure for Piz. The more dude. I'm a huge LoVe fan, but Piz is a genuine nice guy, so it sucked he didn't get more of a happy ending.

    I can't wait to get the audiobook if Kristen is narrating!

    1. Ah, that was priceless, wasn't it?!? And all those was like coming home, ya know? :P I'm so glad with how the movie turned it felt like just another episode.

      I think the corruption in the sheriff's department will probably be further explored in the books, though I think that the trucker hat video probably cleared some things up for the people of Neptune. :) I felt sooooo bad for Piz because he *is* such a nice guy, but he just wasn't the guy for Veronica. I'm a huge LoVe fan, too, though, so I didn't feel TOO bad for the guy. I mean, he had to know what was going to happen if Veronica went traipsing back to Neptune to help Logan. ;0)

      I know...I'll probably buy a hard copy, too, but I have to do the audio since she's narrating. It'll be like listening to an episode! She does that snark soooo well! Glad you loved the movie, too!

  3. I've never seen the appeal. It's like Firefly in many ways. Lots of people love it but it left me barely luke warm. Sounds like it turned out awesome though. It was a great idea to kickstart it for sure. That's awesome U-Verse let's you do that. I didn't know they had that perk. Great review! I hope you enjoy the Audiobook just as much.

    1. Ha, I've never seen an episode of Firefly. But it does seem like something I'd like if I had time to add another show into the mix. :) U-Verse is pretty awesome. And I'm sure the audiobook will be great with Kristen narrating! =)

  4. I haven't seen it yet, but I cannot WAIT. My first thought after "this is going to be AWESOME" was "omg if it is good I am going to want more!" lol So I bet I will have the same reaction when I get to see it.

    1. If you're already a fan, I'm positive that's going to be your reaction. :)

  5. I was visiting my sister when it came out and we had an event to go to that night. We got home at 12:30 am and I had to get up at 9 a.m. the next morning, and still, we HAD to sit down and watch the movie.

    I am a new fan. I didn't watch because I was in college and didn't have a tv and then just never really got into it. I watched an episode every now and then when I was home from school, but just didn't get to experience it like I should have (ahh, the days without DVRs and Hulu). However, last month I binged the show in less than a week. I really feel sad for my 2005 self for not getting to experience the awesomeness that is VM.

    And I so realize that was a really really long comment, haha. I guess I'm gushing, because I'm just so excited to be a VM fan! Great review and glad to hear you loved it :)

    1. I've always been a fan. I can't count the number of times I've seen the series in its entirety. I'm glad the show found another fan in you, no matter when you discovered it. Happy that you enjoyed the movie, too, and that you have a sister like mine who wanted to see it with you! :D

  6. I've never actually seen V-Mars and yet I'm really excited to see the movie and read the books. I think I might be a budding Marshmallow or maybe just a wannabe!
    -Scott Reads It

    1. Oh, yay, a new fan!!! :) Wannabe or not, you're going to love her snark!

  7. I'm a new fan to the show. When it originally aired I was in high school and college, so the right age for it, but I didn't catch it at the beginning, so never got into it. I've always wanted to though, so started DVRing it this summer and got my husband hooked too! We went to the movie this weekend! The first thing I said when we walked out was that I wanted more! I didn't even know about the book series until the other day. I happened to be at B&N and saw it and had to pick it up! My husband's an audiobook person so now that I know Kristen is reading it, we will probably have to get it in that version too!

    1. That seems to be the case for quite a few people, but I'm glad you guys found your way to the show regardless. :) And, yes, MOAAAARRRRR!!!! I'll probably end up with both versions of the book, too. I can't help myself. ;0)


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