Thursday, November 22, 2012

Covers By Katie
Okay, so I totally stole this idea from Sara at Forever 17 Books, who got the idea from an article on Babble called Judging a Book by Its Cover: A 6-year-old Guesses What Classic Novels Are All About.  I just discovered her lovely segment, and I immediately requested forced my own four-year-old daughter Katie to provide me with some of her own cover art artwork and then asked her what she thought the book was about.

This week, Katie wanted to recreate the cover for a novel I've just finished reading:  Reached, book three in the Matched series by Ally Condie.  Technically, I listened to the audiobook (my review will go up tomorrow), but I'm a book hoarder, so I just so happened to have the hardcover on hand for her to duplicate:

When asked what she thought Reached was about, Katie immediately responded, "Broken hearts."

Cover Art:

Reached by Katie

I love how she drew the black lines in the red globe to represent the cracks in it.  I think she captured Cassia breaking free very well.  And I think she's on to something with that "broken hearts" theory.  =)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  I hope you all get to spend some quality time with loved ones today!


  1. Kids are so fascinating. I just want to do all kinds of psychological experiments on them. lol I think she is onto something with broken hearts! My heart is broken from that series already. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I love this meme idea, and I think your daughter is onto something with "broken hearts". :) Thanks for sharing and I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

  3. Love the drawing! And I'd never thought of the broken globe/broken heart connection. Kids are so smart!


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