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TGIF is hosted by Ginger at GReads!  In this weekly feature, Ginger poses a question to her followers and then asks everyone to link up at the end of the post, sharing their responses.

This Friday's Question:

Book Disappointments: Have you ever come across a book you were so stoked to read, but it failed miserably in your eyes? 

Yeah, it doesn't happen often, but it does happen.  There's this book that's got this absolutely stunning cover or this insanely brilliant premise, and I just have to get my hands on it...usually on the day it releases -- or before if possible.  Like I said, it doesn't happen often, but I can think of three off the top of my head.

Halo (Halo, #1)#1 - Halo by Alexandra Adornetto

Another angel story...I know, that should have been warning enough.  Maybe, but if I'd stopped with Halo, I never would have read Angel by L.A. Weatherly or the even more awesome Unearthly by Cynthia Hand.  And let's face it...I'll always be a sucker for a pretty cover.  And I'm not one to leave a series unfinished.  Usually, anyway.  So, if you're wondering if I'll pick up Hades, the sequel to Halo, the answer is yes.  Not just because of the pretty cover.  But also out of curiosity to see if Alexandra has honed her skill any.  I'm hopeful...

In the Arms of Stone Angels #2 - In the Arms of Stone Angels by Jordan Dane

This was one of the first books I ever won, so it already had that going for it.  There was also the promise of a murder-mystery and love gone wrong.  Yet, I still had the impulse to throw this book across the room...several times.  It felt like it was written for a very immature twelve-year-old.  I understand that YA novels should appeal to the younger crowd, but don't write as if teens are on a completely different intellectual level.  Give them some credit...they're smart, too.

Tris & Izzie #3 - Tris & Izzie by Mette Ivie Harrison

And now we've come to my most recent disappointment.  I've been duped by yet another pretty face.  That cover is amazing, but the retelling...not so much.  I wanted so badly to love this book.  But after reading other reviews, I was plagued with doubt.  Yet, I pressed on and promised to give this book a chance anyway.  It had its moments, I suppose, but it was not the book I had hoped it would be.

Any books you've been disappointed in lately?  Did others have the same reaction?


  1. TRIS AND IZZIE! I was horribly disappointed. I should have posted that one as well. Completely forgot about it. That cover was so so pretty and the inside of it was so so bad. :/ I haven't read Halo, but I just won Hades in a contest, so I'm going to have to sometime.

    My TGIF Post

    Happy Friday!

  2. So I've heard that both Halo and Tris & Lizzie are HUGE book disappointments. Because of this, I have no desire to read either of them.

  3. Good to know about Tris and Lizzie. I've been seeing this book everywhere. New follower BTW.

  4. Ok, I am a huge sucker for pretty covers, too. I wanted to read Tris & Izzie just for that cover. (who wouldn't want to *be* in that cover?!?) :) But I think I'll put it off. I hate being disappointed in books.
    I'm a new follower.

  5. i haven't heard of any of these books but i think i would've been tempted by the cover as as well!

    Trish - My Friday Memes

  6. It's strange, but people seem to either adore or hate Halo. I've read strong reviews for both sides, but never one in the middle!

    I did look at Tris & Izzie, because I'd never seen a retelling before but I didn't take the plunge in the end. It's a good thing by the looks of it!

    New follower.

  7. I read Halo too and didn't like it. So many pages with nothing much going on. The cover had sucked me in, it was gorgeous.

    Have a great weekend

    Rochelle @ Books Like Stars

  8. Both Halo and Tris & Izzie disappointed me completely too. The covers were gorgeous and so tantalizing, but what's within them just didn't live up. So sad.

    And hi! I'm Emily and a new follower. My TGIF is over here if you'd like to check it out.

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