Friday, September 23, 2011

TGIF #10

Friday, September 23, 2011 with 8 comments

TGIF is hosted by Ginger at GReads!  In this weekly feature, Ginger poses a question to her followers and then asks everyone to link up at the end of the post, sharing their responses.

This Friday's Question:

Reading Challenges: Did you sign up for any this year? How has your progression been? 

I'm relatively new to this whole logging-what-you're-reading thing.  I only joined Goodreads at the end of last year, and I only started this blog in May of this year.  But I did commit to two challenges.

On Goodreads, I challenged myself to read 100 books this year. I started out with a goal of 25, but I quickly realized that this was probably the amount I could read in a single quarter, so I quadrupled my target sometime in March or April. And as you can see, I am only four books shy of my objective, and it is only the end of September. Of course, this is due in part to my discovery of audiobooks. Best. Invention. Ever. Seriously, I get to read while I'm working!

That was pretty much my only challenge for the year, until I stumbled upon the Fall Challenge 2011 in one of my groups on GR. It encompasses all types of books, so I'm really hoping to knock out some of my TBR with it. Here's a sampling of the books required to complete the challenge:

1. Back to School - Read a book that is set in a school, such as boarding school or college. The majority of the novel must be set AT school.
2. Autumn Colors - Read a book with a cover that is predominately red, orange, yellow, or brown.
3. Male Protagonist - Read a book written from a male POV.

This challenge, created for the YA Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Club by Jenny of The Mimosa Stimulus, is turning out to be really fun.  I'm reading books that I've had on my TBR for awhile but probably wouldn't have read for a very long time if it weren't for this challenge.  So far, I've completed three of the nine objectives for this challenge, and I just started a fourth last night.  So, it's going pretty well.

Next year, I plan to participate in several more challenges.  I was easing myself into them this year, but I'm going to be much more enthusiastic with them next year.  :D

How are you managing your challenges?  Have you already completed any?


  1. Wow Congrats on the amount of new books read! thr fall challenge sojnds interesting, may need to have a look!
    New follower!



  2. I seem to do best with generalized reading challenges like Goodreads. Once I get locked into a genre I seem to stop wanting to read it.
    The fall challenge sounds interesting. There is a nice mix there.

  3. I think I signed up for too many challenges so I plan to be more selective next year, but I still do want to sign up for a few.

    And I love GR for keeping track of what you've read. It's very helpful. Glad to see you've almost completed your goal.

    Happy Friday, Jen.

  4. Thanks so much for your historical fiction suggestions! I've actually read The Vespertine and Clockwork Prince (and loooved them both!) but haven't picked up the Gemma Doyle trilogy yet! I'll def check it out!

    Happy Friday! <3

  5. I wanted to do 100 this year but I'm nowhere near close to that. I'm glad you are doing so well and so close to reaching your goal. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Happy Friday. Here's my Friday Post

  6. That's awesome you're almost done with your goodreads challenge. I think I'll be cutting it close in the end.

    Audio books scare me, I don't know if I'll like them or not. Maybe I should give it a try though.

  7. I like the Fall Challenge! I am not in any groups on goodreads...maybe I should join some. I definitely need to do more challenges next year. :)

    Also, LOVE the audiobooks.

    ~Asheley (Into the Hall of Books)


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