Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Alice Marvels is the very reason my pocketbook is always empty these days.  Before I found that site through a Facebook ad -- and subsequently signed up for the DAILY newsletter -- I would just walk into a bookstore, hoping to come across a book that would interest me. 

But now that Alice Marvels is bringing me daily updates on new books, authors, books being turned into movies, etc., etc., my TBR pile has grown exponentially.  And I can't thank her enough!  :D

And so now I'd like to spread the love a little bit.  Check out this amazing contest on the Alice Marvels site and you could be the proud new owner of a Kindle.  If you're not the lucky winner of that prize du jour, fret not.  You're also entered to win one of eight awesome books, signed by the authors!  Hurry, though:  the contest ends June 20th!!!


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