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Uncovered - 1/11/12

Wednesday, January 11, 2012 with 5 comments
EEEEEEEPPPPP!!!!!  This is one of the books I'm most excited to read this year.  Behold, the cover of Rebel Heart, the second novel in Moira Young's Dust Lands series:

Okay, so it matches the paperback of Blood Red Road and not the hardcover version I have:


What do you think?  I know I wish publishers would stop changing the covers mid-series.  It really screws with the harmony of my bookshelves.  But I don't hate the new covers or anything.  And more than anything, I'm just excited to read what happens to Saba and Jack and everyone else.  New cover or not, this is a must-read for me.  And, well, it doesn't hurt if Jack is on the cover this time around.  :D  Or do you think that's Lugh?


  1. Omg, this hurts my heart. :( Not that I don't like the cover, but it doesn't match my HB.

    I had sooooo much love for the original cover. If you look closely you can even see the little necklace and her tatoo. GRrrrrrr.

    And this my starry eyed friend.. is why i'm all about getting my kindle in march.. I'm sooo sick and tired of buying a HB, then having them changed the damn design. they are screwing up my flow!

    If they really wanted a better chance at selling these books, they should have put them in F'in dresses!

    Okay, I'm done with my rant now.. but I will admit, he's pretty darn hot.

    is it lugh or jack, not sure.. I want to know what's up with mr. mysterious.. wth was his name... the bad guy who wasn't really bad.. I can't remember names, i read to many books. lol

  2. It hurts my heart, too, April. I really liked the original cover, and I thought it represented the story well. :(

    I know, right? But I love real books. When they changed the covers for the Nightshade series by Andrea Cremer, the publisher offered up jackets to cover the old, unmatching books. Maybe they'll do the same with the Dust Lands series. Here's hoping.

    And, gah, don't get me started on the plethora of dress covers. Pretty dresses are fine, but I'm starting to see the same ones used over and over again. And half, no, most don't even have anything to do with the book. Like the girl in the story never even dons a dress!

    Oh, yeah! How could I forget Mr. Is-He-Bad-Or-Is-He-Good? I don't remember his name either. But, yeah, I can't wait to find out what's up with him. Maybe he'll give Jack a run for his money. :P

  3. It did, I did!!! why did they have to change it? makes me want to punch someone in the tit.

    I didnt' know they offered new jackets for the nightshade series. I was so disappointed when I got Nightshade in the mail, gorgeous cover, but crappy pages. they all looked ripped and just horrible. I sent it back to amazon thinking I had a bad copy, turned out it was supposed to look like ass. I still haven't gotten the second one.

    I love the dresses... but now there are too many! and yes to the duplicates! at least change the color of the dress if your going to copy... you know what would kick ass? a lady gaga meat dress on the cover of a YA book. but then you know what would happen. Everyone would copy.. there would be bacon, steak and chicken dresses.. it would be a mess.. lol

    good i'm not the only one who forgot his name. I hope he is in book two more.. because for the few moments he was in one.. I found him delicious... Jack sorta annoyed me honestly. there was something about him. but then he had some really awesome moments too that I loved him.. i'm conflicted. lol

  4. I haz a sad. I don't hate the new cover, but I was so in love with the HB and I need my shiz to match!!! Grrrrr.

    Oh, what was his name? Something with a M? Maev? I don't know, but I lurved him ;D

  5. I had to go search for it...DeMalo. It even sounds bad. But I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of him.

    Ha, I thought the same thing about Nightshade's pages. I bought it at Borders, and all of them looked that way, though. They're the same way for the other two in the series.

    Wahaha...bacon, steak, and chicken dresses!


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