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Kiddy Fall Favorite's #1

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Tis the season for Fall reads, and while Jen and I have made a list and are diligently trying to make our way through it, my little girl has a list of favorites we must read this time of year too.

Really what this post is about... I'm backed up on reading. I have no reviews to set up. It's sad really, but that's my life now. Especially this time of year. We are constantly on the go, doing fall activity after fall activity. This picture taken here was at a pumpkin patch hear our house. Old Homestead. It's a tradition to go there every year but we get our pumpkins else where because this place charges out the ass.

Every October we drag out all of Aubrey's Halloween / Fall related books. And we read them over and over through out the month. One that we've had for a long time is The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid Of Anything. This one, I'm not really sure if its meant for this category, but it always ends up in that pile, because the old lady is scared of All The Things (Even though she says she's not). This is what Aubs says. lol


She loves this book, and I think she's got it pretty much memorized by now. So there is very little of it that I actually read to her. 

A new favorite that we recently added to our pile is We Love Fall. We found it at a used book store by Aubrey's dance class. I think she likes this one so much, because the wording is light. It's not too involved, and with her learning to read, she likes things she can try to read herself. We've read this one a million times since we grabbed it. 


Another great find from that bookstore is... It's Pumpkin Time! She really likes this one and I do too. I love it because of the gardening talk. Pretty much it goes through the whole process of growing a pumpkin, and since we've grown them in our garden before, Aubrey was pretty into it. At the end it even has an educational page that shows you illustrations of what the seed looks like as it's starting to grow. Very cool.


So are there any fall favorites your kids love to read? We are constantly adding to our pile of holiday reads and always open to suggestions. We have a ton more that I think I will share with you all, and perhaps I can get Jen and Katie to join in. 

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  1. Aww it's great she likes to read books with the seasons. That pumpkin patch is gorgeous no wonder you go to take pics each year! Has your little one settled on what she wants to be yet?


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