Friday, December 7, 2012

Hey, guys!  As a member of the V Mafia, I get to feature an exclusive Q&A session with Victoria Scott, author of The Collector:  A Dante Walker Novel, where Victoria answers reader questions for us:

Many, many thanks to Victoria for answering our questions!  So, what do you think?  Did she answer any of your questions?  And how excited are you to read The Collector?  I know I can't wait!  I am SO ready to meet Dante Walker!


  1. Can I have Dante now or... I mean the book, yeah the book. ;)

    I love hearing how authors name a character and it is super cool Dante was named after someone she knows. :)

  2. I'd been wondering what the V mafia thing was -- thanks for cluing me in!

  3. Eeeep! Victoria Scott sounds so awesome. And of course, I'm freaking DYYYYING to read The Collector!! *fans self*


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