Thursday, August 9, 2012

Awhile on the Pile/From the Review Pile is a meme hosted by Stepping Out of the Page every Thursday but was also inspired by Rachel at My Reading Pile/Fiktshun. The aim of this meme is to showcase books that you've received for review -- or any book that you own and really want to read/review -- but haven't yet got around to reading in order to give the book some extra publicity.

Here's the book I chose to give some extra love this week:

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Title:  Take a Bow
Author:  Elizabeth Eulberg
Series:  stand-alone
Publisher:  Point
Publication Date:  April 1, 2012
Source:  ARC

From the fantastic author of The Lonely Hearts Club and Prom & Prejudice comes a story of all the drama and comedy of four friends who grow into themselves at a performing arts high school.

Emme, Sophie, Ethan, and Carter are seniors at a performing arts school, getting ready for their Senior Showcase recital, where the pressure is on to appeal to colleges, dance academies, and professionals in show business. For Sophie, a singer, it's been great to be friends with Emme, who composes songs for her, and to date Carter, soap opera heartthrob who gets plenty of press coverage. Emme and Ethan have been in a band together through all four years of school, but wonder if they could be more than just friends and bandmates. Carter has been acting since he was a baby, and isn't sure how to admit that he'd rather paint than perform. The Senior Showcase is going to make or break each of the four, in a funny, touching, spectacular finale that only Elizabeth Eulberg could perform.

So, when I picked up this ARC at ALA Midwinter, I wasn't a huge fan of contemporary novels.  I put it in the TBR pile near my desk and promptly forgot about it.  Now that I know I ♥ contemps with every fiber of my being, I'm going to make a point to read this one in the very near future.

If you've already read it or any of the author's other works, I'd love to hear what you thought!


  1. lol i <3 contemps too lol. virtuosity by jessica martinez sparkt it

    1. I haven't read that one...I'll have to check it out. The one that started it all for me was Jess Rothenberg's The Catastrophic History of You and Me. First, I fell in love with the title, then I fell for the book. :)

  2. I'm starting to love cometmps too! This definitely feels like something I would enjoy reading, I think it needs to be added to my TBR list! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. It's only this year that I really started enjoying them. And now I don't even remember why I thought I didn't like them to begin with. :P

  3. Seems like the typical life of most teenagers - love, should we or shouldn't we, changes that you hope others will understand. Good one!

    Here's mine:

    1. It does sound pretty typical of a YA novel, but I'm beginning to find that even the typical stories can end up as some of my favorites. :)

  4. Sounds like a good read! Thanks for showcasing it...

    Here is my From the Review Pile post!


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