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On today's stop of the Sovereign Hope Blog Tour, I'll be interviewing Daniel from the novel.  He's the Clark Kent to Farley's Lois Lane, and though he's normally as tight-lipped as Superman, today he's spilling the beans.  :D

What was your first impression of Farley?  You know...before you met her, when you were technically stalking her?

I was hardly stalking her. Agatha and I were both following her to make sure she was safe. I had much better things to be doing with my time, too. Sitting in a high school car lot really doesn't rank high on my list of things I enjoy doing. I guess the first month, I hated following her around. I resented her because she seemed incredibly boring. She just went to school and then came home, and in between those two places she was either at the police station, or driving around putting up posters of her mom.

Things changed when I realised how sad she was. She was around people all the time, but you could see it in her eyes: she felt alone. It ended up that I couldn't bear watching her at night, because it was too tempting to go up to the house and talk to her. I told Agatha I wouldn't take those shifts, so she was mostly stuck with them.

Can you give us a hint as to the cause of the bad blood between you and Kayden?

*frowning* I don't really like talking about Kayden. Let's just say he can be incredibly selfish and leave it at that.

Do you think Kayden might have designs on Farley?  He did seem to be flirting with her.  What would you do if he did?

If he does, then he's screwed. I can understand why he would be attracted to her. She's beautiful- any guy would be crazy not to see that. But if he touches her... if he looks at her the wrong way, it won't end well for him. I've fought with Kayden countless times before, and over some seriously stupid things, but him hitting on Farley would be an entirely different matter altogether.

What do you think the future holds for you and Farley?

It's hard to say. It's going to be a long time before things could ever be 'normal' for us. There's still so much that we need sort out- like where Agatha and the others are. Plus we're hardly safe from the Quorum, either. I think once this is all over, Farley might like to go back to school. I'd probably go with her.

I think....*pauses* I think I'd like to blame that on the fact that I want to keep her safe, but the truth is that I can't bear to be apart from her.

Lastly, what are your feelings toward Operation:  Find Daniel?  Do any of the submissions come close?

Uhh... I think it's weird. I have no idea about these guys. I can't see it. Farley's said a couple of them do actually look like me, though, so I suppose she'd be the one to ask.

A big thanks to Daniel for taking the time to talk to us today!  Here's a little more about the book and the author, and be sure to check out Frankie's website for the full tour schedule!

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Title:  Sovereign Hope
Author:  Frankie Rose
Series:  Book 1 in the Hope series
Publisher:  create space
Publication Date:  July 1, 2012
Purchase:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Everyone has a soul.

Some are just worth more than others.

Farley Hope was seventeen when her mother disappeared. In the last six months not much has changed, except that her eighteenth birthday came and went and still no sign of Moira. Her life is just as complicated as it always was. Since her father died in a car crash before she was even born, she’s officially parentless, and to top it all off she’s still suffering from the hallucinations. Mind-splitting, vivid hallucinations- the kind prone to induce night terrors and leave you whimpering under your covers like a baby.

The last thing on her mind is boys. Farley is on break from St. Judes’ when she meets Daniel. It’s not some casual run in at a party, or even a blind date with friends, though. Daniel is the guy following her in his 1970′s Dodge Charger; the guy standing at her window in the LA lunch hour traffic, trying to persuade her to leave everything behind and follow him. And he's hot as all hell.

The moment Farley lays eyes on Daniel, everything changes. He is cold and withdrawn, but there are cracks in his harsh veneer- cracks that betray the secrets he is trying so hard to hide. Farley is drawn into a world that will shake apart everything she thought she ever knew. There are truths out there that she must learn: that a person’s soul is their only real currency, and there are people who would do anything to take hers; that loving someone can hurt so much more than hating them; but, most importantly, when your future is predestined, there is little you can do to change it.

Farley Hope is prophesied.

Her coming has been awaited for hundreds of years.

She is destined to end the tyranny of the Soul Reavers.

To do so she must die.

And here's the trailer:


About the author: 

As a child, I was always accused of being bookish because I wore glasses- big, horrible, ugly ones with too-thick lenses. Those kids, the super smart ones who always know which tender insecurities to poke at in order to provoke life-long complexes, used to accuse me of reading too many books and that my eyes were going to rot out of my head (their words, not mine!).

Image from author's website
The truth of the matter was a little more embarrassing: I used to sit too close to the T.V. That was the reason why I had to wear glasses, but kids don’t really care about small, insignificant details like the truth, and so I was labelled a nerd. The label kinda stuck, and after some sage advice from my awesome nana (nana, you rock!) I decided that if I was going to be abused for my supposed literary obsession, I might as well develop one.

I guess that’s how I got into books and reading at an early age. Since then, I’ve been ripping through books like they’re going out of fashion, which, thankfully, they’re not. Good thing, too, because I’m a writer now, and books are my business!

Contact Frankie Rose:  website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

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  1. Cool interview! I totally enjoyed this book and the author's awesome.


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