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Fairy Tale Giveaway Hop

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Welcome to my stop on the Fairy Tale Giveaway Hop, where each participating blog will be giving away a YA book featuring a fairy tale theme.  In addition to the giveaway, I have the pleasure of interviewing my favorite fairy tale character ever, Belle from Beauty and the Beast!  Let's all give Belle a starry-eyed welcome!

Starryeyedjen:  Thanks for joining us, Belle!  I know you're short on time and need to get back to the castle, so I'll get right to it.  Are things finally settling down now that you've broken the curse?  Are you and the Beast, er, the Prince adjusting to the change?

Belle:  It's my pleasure to be here!  Hmmm...well, life in the castle is quite different from the way it was before, but we're all adjusting fairly well.  To be honest, I still spend a fair amount of time in the library, but Beast -- yes, I still call him Beast...he prefers to be reminded of his struggles to become a better man -- doesn't seem to mind.  Running the castle does demand quite a bit of his time, after all.

Starryeyedjen:  Wonderful!  But...since you brought it up, do you ever miss the beast he was, as opposed to the man he is?

Belle:  Oh, heavens no!  The beast is still inside the man he is now.  We've both come to terms with the past and made peace with it.  We're ready to start our future together.

Starryeyedjen:  I'm happy to hear that.  I wish you both all the best!  Before you leave us, would you mind telling us what book you're currently reading?

Belle:  I am so glad you asked!  I'm currently reading What to Expect When You're Expecting.

Starryeyedjen:  Does that mean congratulations are in order?

Belle:  It does indeed!  Beast and I are expecting our first child!  I'm so glad to finally be able to share the good news!

Starryeyedjen:  Wow!  Congratulations to you both!

Belle:  Thank you.  We're both very excited!

Starryeyedjen:  I'm sure!  And I can't wait to read about your little one's fairy tale adventures in the future. Thanks again for stopping by, Belle, and best of luck!

And now, on to the giveaway:

The Storyteller

Title:  The Storyteller
Author:  Antonia Michaelis, translated from German by Miriam Debbage
Series:  n/a
Publisher:  Amulet Books, an imprint of ABRAMS
Publication Date:  January 1, 2012

Anna and Abel couldn’t be more different. They are both seventeen and in their last year of school, but while Anna lives in a nice old town house and comes from a well-to-do family, Abel, the school drug dealer, lives in a big, prisonlike tower block at the edge of town. Anna is afraid of him until she realizes that he is caring for his six-year-old sister on his own. Fascinated, Anna follows the two and listens as Abel tells little Micha the story of a tiny queen assailed by dark forces. It’s a beautiful fairy tale that Anna comes to see has a basis in reality. Abel is in real danger of losing Micha to their abusive father and to his own inability to make ends meet. Anna gradually falls in love with Abel, but when his “enemies” begin to turn up dead, she fears she has fallen for a murderer. Has she?  

Award-winning author Antonia Michaelis moves in a bold new direction with her latest novel: a dark, haunting, contemporary story that is part mystery, part romance, and part melodrama.

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Now that you've entered at my stop, check out all of the other great prizes on this giveaway hop:



  1. Awwww, I love this! What a great interview from one of my favorite fairy tale characters! Thanks so much for the giveaway - this one has been on my TBR for a while! <3

    1. know your approval is the only one that I need, right? :) It's been on my TBR for awhile, too...need to get on it. :D

  2. Thanks for participating in the hop and for the giveaway opportunity.

  3. Oh wow, I am definitely adding this book to my tbr pile, right away. And also to my Goodreads shelf. *g* I'm so super excited about this and that interview was so much fun to read.

    Definitely a new follower of your awesome blog, thank you so much for this amazing giveaway! :)

    Suz @ A Soul Unsung
    Glass Houses by Rachel Caine Giveaway!

  4. Aww, I was all excited to enter, but please disregard my entries because I'm not in the US :(

  5. Thank you for your generosity, and for participating in this blog hop!

    My favorite fairytale ACTUALLY happens to be Beauty and the Beast, a tale not only of romance but of friendship and redemption :) And wow, I wonder how a little baby would figure into the world of Belle & the Beastly Prince - now that's an aspect some author ought to explore! :D

    Name: Hira Hasnain
    Email: Enamoredsoul(at)gmail(dot)com
    Twitter: @inluvwithbookz
    GFC: ~Enamored Soul~

  6. Thank you for participating in this blog.
    Patsy Hagen

  7. Thanks for the giveaway! I am participating in the hop as well (#27 ~ Fairday's Blog!) Have a great night : ) ~ Jess


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