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TGIF is hosted by Ginger at GReads!  In this weekly feature, Ginger poses a question to her followers and then asks everyone to link up at the end of the post, sharing their responses.

This Friday's Question:

Book Associations: Which genre, authors, or particular books do you think people associate with your reading style? 

I think it's pretty obvious that I prefer YA sci-fi/fantasy novels, but I've been on a dystopian/post-apocalyptic kick lately, and I don't foresee that coming to an end anytime soon.  When people recommend books to me, they usually opt for paranormal-type reads, though, based on previous experience.  I don't have a big history with contemporary novels, but I have been known to give them a shot now and again, and in fact, find that I enjoy them a lot more than I expected to.

That said, I think most people connect my reading style with paranormal novels, those that include monsters like vampires and zombies.  And for the most part, they'd be right.  But I'm trying to branch out, even if it's only to read an adult paranormal novel.  (My hubby keeps pestering me to read all of the Anne Rice vampire novels, but he hasn't read any of them...he just really liked Interview with a Vampire.)  If you looked at the books I've read so far this year, probably 80% of those contain some type of paranormal element.  I can't help it, though...I was raised by a Trekkie with paranormal tendencies!  :D

My new favorite genre, though, is definitely dystopian/post-apocalyptic.  My love of this genre started way back in high school, though, when we were required to read 1984, Animal Farm, and Fahrenheit 451.  Those are still some of my favorite books, and they paved the way for a love of all things related to the end of the world as we know it.  (Aw, geez, now I have that song stuck in my head!  Great.)

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  1. I definitely think of you as a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Dystopia Paranormal reader! :)


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