Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Things 2016 Taught Me

Tuesday, January 24, 2017 with 13 comments
I haven't really been in the mindset to blog lately, and so all of my end-of-year posts are coming at you nearly a month into 2017. I'm surprisingly okay with that. I'm still not entirely sure I'm ready for 2017, either, but there's really nothing I can do about that.

In lieu of the usual resolutions post, which I always fail at anyway, I thought I'd look back at my 2016 reading year and what I've learned or maybe only just realized about myself. Because I am definitely a different reader/reviewer than I was when I started this blog almost six years ago, but I'm also a different reader just from the start of the year. There were times -- especially toward the end of the year -- where I just wanted to give up and go off the grid, but I basically took a two-month hiatus and I'm feeling refreshed and ready to reflect -- and embrace! -- some of the changes I made this year. It's honestly kind of liberating.

1. First and foremost, I no longer love young adult the best.

I've been reading a lot of adult novels lately: historical romance, fantasy, chick lit. And I'm loving it. That's not to say that I don't still enjoy young adult, but I'm branching out and it's been fun.

2. I no longer read by a schedule.

I used to keep a detailed spreadsheet of all the review books I needed to read and when they released so I knew when to read them. But that left no room for books that I didn't receive for review or promotion. I've decided it's way more fun just reading book after book without a break to post a review. And I am just SO much happier when I don't read by a schedule.

3. Putting books on hold at the library tends to make me apathetic toward reading them.

If I have to wait very long for a hold to come through at the library, it's more likely that I'm not going to be in the mood to read it once my hold comes through. Sad, but true. So, I'm trying to only put highly anticipated reads on hold so I'm not keeping others from the books they want to read.

4. Re-reading can sometimes be detrimental.

I re-read. A lot. Especially when the next installment in a series is set to release. I re-read/listen to the previous book in a series to be prepared for the next/final book when it releases...and sometimes I end up not reading the next installment because I discover my love for the series has waned upon re-reading the preceding book. (Ex: Court of Fives, Ten Thousand Skies Above You)

5. I find it way easier to DNF or give up on a series midway now.

Temptation is a fickle bitch. I've warred with myself a lot over the years as to whether I should continue a book or series, and I usually cave because I just have to know how it ends. Not so much these days. I can make an educated guess and leave it at that.

6. My drafts folder is legit full of discussion posts I started but never posted. 

I always feel like talking about stuff but then reconsider, figuring no one else wants to hear about it. But sometimes, we just like to hear ourselves talk, yeah? So I'm going to start posting some of these, I think. The ones where I actually sound coherent, anyway.

7. Social media sucks the life out of me.

I haven't missed social media all that much during my hiatus, except maybe Instagram. I don't really think I'll be on Twitter anytime soon, and I've never really been a fan of Facebook. Everything's still set to cross-post to those sites, but I'm mainly here for the books, so I'll stick to Goodreads and Instagram for bookish goodness.

I'm sure I learned some other stuff, but these are the really important points. What, if anything, did 2016 teach you about yourself?


  1. Love this. I am really struggling with my "scheduled reading" right now. Might have to give your schedule free and relaxed method a try!

  2. I think it's great that your branching out and reading different things. I look forward to reading the reviews you might post about them. I didn't know that people could have reading schedules. I might have a go at it, it takes a really long time for me to finish books. I read a chapter or two and then pick it up days later.

  3. I think all of these are GREAT! I'm glad you're branching out :) I'm moving into another phase where I'm switching back and forth a LOT between YA and adult (normally I'm all about one or the other for a little while). Also -- the drafts folder! Mine is totally the same way. And I've got a whole list of "Potential discussion topics" that have NEVER been touched (and probably never will) to boot.

    ~ Michelle @ FaerieFits

  4. This is great! It's so nice that your reading what you want when you want! I have given up on a lot of series mid way. I need to make room for series that I want to read more.

  5. Great post. Like you I've drifted away from YA, or at least, it's not my main read at the moment. I really got back into chick lit/romance books this past year. There was a time, about 20 years ago I think, when I was reading all chick lit. Then I got into YA when I was teaching middle school, and for awhile it was about all I read. I'm still working on a schedule, more than before I think, because I keep asking for more review books, but not through Netgalley because of the whole average thing. I am also still working on the DNF in a series, and just realizing I don't have to finish a series if I don't want to. Great post!

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  7. I never read by schedule and it's so much better! I probably should try reading my arcs in a more timely fashion though XD

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