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Title: The Beauty of Darkness
Author: Mary E. Pearson
Narrators: Emily Rankin, Ryan Gesell, Kirby Heyborne, Kim Mai Guest and a full cast
Series: The Remnant Chronicles, book #3
Length: 18 hrs 48 mins
Publisher: Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)/Listening Library
Publication Date: August 2, 2016
Source: purchased audiobook
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Lia and Rafe have escaped Venda and the path before them is winding and dangerous - what will happen now? This third and final book in The Remnant Chronicles is not to be missed.

Bestselling author Mary E. Pearson's combination of intrigue, suspense, romance and action make this a riveting page turner for teens.

With previous books in this series, I had so many feels that I had to review them in GIF form. But since this is the final installment in The Remnant Chronicles, I'm going to try to be vague and non-spoilery. That doesn't mean that there weren't just as many feels where this book is concerned. Or that there won't be GIFs. But no one likes to have the final book ruined for them.

Which is likely why there are rarely early copies provided for finales. That isn't to say that there weren't some sent out. And that I wasn't at least a little concerned when some of those early reviewers were less than satisfied with this conclusion. But this is obviously a case of to each his own because I found this final book every bit as satisfying -- and thrilling and jaw-dropping and just utterly heartbreaking -- as the previous two books.

The Beauty of Darkness is long. Much longer than either of the other installments. But there is just so much left to resolve after the events in The Heart of Betrayal that it simply couldn't be any shorter. And honestly, I would have taken a few more chapters, just to get all my feels out there and savor them a little longer. This series has come so far, taken the characters to such great lengths, that to rush their story or compact it to any degree would have done them all a great disservice.

I'll admit. There were moments when I wanted to pull my hair out. When I wanted to smash characters' faces together and force them to work out their differences and quit being complete dunderheaded ninnies. But the sense of duty and loyalty in these characters is so firmly established, so deeply rooted, that no matter their past indiscretions, they must make things right for their people. And while it was frustrating to read at times, it felt right...even if it was completely at odds with my own desires for them.

My love for this series knows no bounds, so it wasn't necessary for me to re-read the previous books...even though I totally did. But if you're not quite as obsessed, I would heartily recommend doing so, just so that you get the full scope of what is at stake when you begin reading The Beauty of Darkness. And might I also recommend re-reading via audio? I've read the books and I've listened to the audiobooks and I couldn't tell you which I prefer, but for expediency's sake, I re-read via audio and it is superb, especially since it's narrated by a full cast. I wanted to experience this final book without fear of spoilers, though -- and without getting paper cuts in the process -- so I went the audio route this time, and the narration pulled me right back into the thick of things.

From the moment I read that first line in The Kiss of Deception -- "Today was the day a thousand dreams would die and a single dream would be born." -- I was enamored with this series. I can't believe it's already come to a close, that I won't be reading anymore of Lia, Rafe, and Kaden, but I can honestly say that I couldn't have asked for a better ending to their story. I already can't wait to re-read the series again!

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About the author:

Mary E. Pearson is the New York Times bestselling and award-winning author of ten novels. Her works include her latest trilogy, The Kiss of Deception, The Heart of Betrayal, and the forthcoming The Beauty of Darkness which will be published in August. The Adoration of Jenna Fox, and the other books in the series have been optioned for film, and A Room on Lorelei Street was a Golden Kite Award Winner. She writes full-time from her home office in California where she lives with her husband.

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